Wednesday, May 25, 2011

:: simple satisfying dinner ::

If you are a regular visitor to this blog, you must have noticed I like cooking simple dishes. The truth is, I'm not a good cook and when I'm alone at home I prefer having something simple yet able to fulfill my hunger. To me simple means easy and quick to be prepared, just like my all time favourite dish; baked / jacket potato which only takes 5 minutes preparation time.

I only ate a bowl of cereal and nestum for brunch today. Late in the evening just now my hunger pangs arrived so I made myself a simple dinner from whatever available in the kitchen:

Marina brand Fish Fingers, the best fish fingers in town + russet potato + cream of mushroom

*Prep time: 15 minutes

- Heat the pan and boil some water while peeling the potato
- Cook the potato in the microwave for 3 and a half minutes
- Fry the fish fingers
- Make thick batter for gravy by mixing together cream of mushroom and boiling water
- Slice the potato, insert some butter in the middle, pour gravy and shake some pepper on top

End Result:
Golden Fish Fingers with Potato and Gravy

It took me 10 minutes to clear 'em all.
Simple and Simply Delicious!


The Dreamer said...

simple and nice. can try lah...

phatgurl said...

yeap...senang so takyah lapo lelama tunggu food siap. memang kena try ;-)

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