Monday, May 23, 2011

:: hello kittens! ::

Say hello to these 4 lil' cuties...

These kittens have been staying at our house since last Friday. They belong to KoKo, a cat at my hubby's shop. KoKo first came to the shop almost the same time as KiKi and although she is in different colour we still think both of them might be siblings because of some similar features. KoKo can be considered as modernopc's cat because she will come to the shop everyday to have her meals or napping during the day. She gave birth to two kittens last December but one day they were adopted by someone when they were left inside their box house in front of the shop. KoKo is a very protective mother who loves her kittens very much. She was lost and depressed for 2 weeks because her babies were missing but luckily she was pregnant again soon after.

"Hi, I'm KoKo"

When she gave birth to these four babies few weeks ago they were left at somewhere else until one day last week she came to hubby's shop with all her kittens. Afraid that someone will took the kittens away if they were left in front of the shop at night, hubby brought home the whole family together for an overnight and brought them back to the shop on the next day. Hubby then trust the family and left them sleeping inside the shop at night, but it went on for only two nights because last Friday's afternoon KoKo went out for her usual walk and didn't return to the shop like she always did. Since her babies still rely on their mother and already cried for milk, they couldn't be left just like that so that evening, hubby brought them home.

 "aren't they cute???"

We never handled a kitten before but we felt so sorry for the babies especially when they were hungry. They were used to drink milk directly from their mom so they didn't know how to drink from feeding bottle and plate. Luckily we still got KiKi's medicine syringe and managed to make them drink with the syringe. Kittens are very cute indeed and they are just like other babies. One thing for sure, just let them sleep peacefully because once a kitten is awake, the other 3 will awake too and started "crying" endlessly.

It has been 3 nights. Until I'm typing this, KoKo has not yet returned and we have started to worry because she was not very healthy for 2 days until the day she left the shop. As I said earlier, KoKo is a very protective mom. It's impossible for her to ignore the babies just like that so hopefully nothing bad happened to her. Please pray together with us for her to return..... KoKo, your babies need you. Please come back ye :-(

p/s: I miss KiKi.

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