Monday, May 23, 2011

:: my baby shower tea party ::

Last Saturday we were having a simple baby shower tea party at my house. There were only 4 of us as usual; Fila, Nor, Rabby and myself. Rynn was supposed to join us too but she had to cancel her attendance last minute because her daughter got chicken pox. The session was not really a baby shower though but it was more like our usual 'makan-makan' and gossiping session so it was more like a BFF Tea Party instead ;-)

Although it was just a simple party with the same attendees, I still wanted to create nice ambience to cherish the moment so I set a simple table arrangement for all of us. I have always wanted to use the cute, colourful fine bone china tea set we got as wedding present and I finally managed using them. They were 4 set of cups and saucers in 4 different colours; blue, pink, green and yellow. Not only that, I also googled and made special napkin fold in a shape of a shirt; and not forgetting a baby shower themed door gift for everyone. Honestly, I was really into these kind of stuff and really enjoyed making them.

Nor was the first to arrive. Rabby then came with her homemade quiche and followed by Fila who arrived with her club sandwich and popia. I only made pancakes, served with peaches in syrup and hershey's chocolate... and also strawberry flavoured tea for the drinks. At first we started eating without Nor because she had to collect desserts that she have ordered. The three of us were already 3/4 full when Nor returned with 12 cupcakes, 10 creampuffs and 7 blueberry cheese tarts. It was food heaven, enuff said!

I was wearing my new Diva necklace. Over & 'meriah' but I like! ;-)

We didn't do anything else except eating and chatting at the dining table for few hours, but it was fun to me. I always love spending time with my besties and these are the few people who I rely the most after hubby and family, among the few who never fail giving their endless support in any condition. We could just sit, eat and talk for many hours and actually this tea party was our third gathering within a week. On Wesak public holiday, I invited Fila and Rabby for lunch and we were eating and chatting at the dining table for almost 7 hours non-stop without realising it. Two days later, Nor came with Fila for dinner and there goes another brief eating and chatting session. This tea party was the third eating and chatting session... and yes, we do have a lot to talk about all the time... hehehe.

So, that was it. To all my BFFs, thank you so much for the great company + great food. Really appreciate the friendship and thank you for always being there *hugs*.

Next I will share the step-by-step guide for the napkin fold and also for the baby shower door gift in case anybody is interested. Just wait and see... In the meantime, toodles and take care!


hazera said...

Thanks beb for having us. ;-)

phatgurl said...

it's always a pleasure bebeyh. thanks for everything! ;-)

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