Sunday, July 24, 2011

:: in love with nudity ::

...and I meant these nude heels...

I had my eyes on nude coloured heels since ages ago but never bought any. Since my shoe racks are already empty, I guess it's time for me to own one. Nude coloured shoes are as universal as black because its neutral shade matches tons of colours. Not only that, they can also give longer and sexier illusions to your legs hence make it one must-have colour for a shoe fetish like me. I love wearing high heels but wear them mostly to office so my choice would be either in pointed or peep toe like any one (or all) of the above.

a.) Plain patent pointed pumps like this look formal and suitable if worn with suits but look sexy when paired with jeans on casual Friday.

b.) If a plain one is too plain, then this Valentino Patent Stylish Bow Pump can give similar formal and sexy look plus more attention to the feet.

c.) Peep toe heels are not considered as formal corporate attire but who cares? This simple peep toe might spoil the entire look if worn with corporate suit but it sure looks good with shirt and pants or skirts. 

d.) This Fendi Platform Bow pumps might be too fancy to be worn during the day as it is more suitable for a night in town but there is no prefect to record names like school days. No harm wearing this, perhaps with a simple plain outfit to enhance the overall look and brighten up a day.

e.) This booties look gorgeous inside a pants that end on the ankle because it will only show the peep toe and a part of the ribbon. Sexy yet still reflects the formal office attire look.

f.) This is a fancy gladiator heels and if this is chosen for work it would be only on casual Friday. That gold straps make it extra pretty.

g.) I love shoes with details especially with bows, ribbons, buckles; not forgetting in patent material and this Alexander McQueen's would be my most favourite choice among all. It reflects sophistication, formality, class and sexiness in one. I like~!

Tips - what to wear with nude shoes:

1. With all white attire, perhaps a dash of nude in belt or necklace.
2. Go all neutral from top to toe but enhance it with gold or tan accessories.
3. With bright colours so you won't end up looking all red or blue or yellow or whatever colour from top to toe.
4. With a mini skirt because your legs will look extra longer.
5. With a pair of jeans.
6. With printed top or dress. The neutral shade can helps to tone down the look or enhance the printed outfit.

*credit: image - polyvore / tips -


isma said...

ohh i tak ada lagi nude color in my collection sbb tak jumpa lg yg berkenan.but in yr list ni, i would choose c :)

ketawariang said...

i wore nude colour shirt and tudung to office today...
the moment i chose this shirt, i remembered this post.. :D
i love the E shoes but wonder will it be nice on me...hurm...

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