Saturday, July 23, 2011

:: ops bersih ::

Don't get me wrong, this is not about the Bersih rally but my personal Bersih project which is decluttering and organizing items in my so-called 'walk in wardrobe'. After moving into this house since two years ago I suddenly got the urge to tidy up the room. The project started last week with the first wardrobe and my goodness, for the first time in my life I was surprised with how many clothes I have! There were A LOT and some even forgotten so there were few "oh?" and "ahaa" while I was organizing them. Started with the first tier I took out everything and organized them back into the wardrobe after deciding which one to leave and which one remains. Most items were in good condition but there were some white tops which haven't been "seen" for ages started having yellow spots hence require bleaching. After the first tier I continued with the second tier, then the third one, followed by those on hangers. I then moved to the drawer chest and finally the shoe rack. Living with a baby doesn't give me much freedom, hence the project didn't finish in one day. I could only continue when Ady was sleeping on his own and it didn't happen everyday so it took me almost 2 weeks to complete everything. Ops Bersih ended yesterday. Now, I'm satisfied because they are all well organized and I will no longer keep items that won't be useful. 

I didn't snap any photo at the beginning of the project but this was how the wardrobe previously looks like. Even KiKi loves hiding inside there before. Can you spot her?
Now everything is neat. Top tier is for tops and jeans. In the middle is pants and skirts while the bottom tier is for baju kurung and jubah. On hangers are cardigans, suits and few skirts, dresses and jubah.The wardrobe is totally full. There are another similar full stack of tops, bottoms and baju kurung at the back of each line. I shouldn't buy any new clothes after this. Seriously. (yes, I am dead serious - yeahh right!)

Drawers are for tank tops, inners and scarves.
This is wardrobe no. 2 and those are my working tops / shirts. Couldn't do anything about this as it is already full to the max. There are even 2 tops in 1 hanger. Special reminder to myself: this has no more room for new top. Period.

Unwanted stuffs. From left to right: a bag of shoes & a bag of clothes for donation plus 2 paperbags of clothes for my lil sister.
Most of those shoes need to be sent to cobbler so I don't know whether I should send them for donation or just throm them away. There are few pairs of favourite shoes inside there for example the pink one on top by Eclipse but I have to stay strong. I don't want to keep them anymore and because I will have good reasons to buy new pair of shoes.
My almost-empty shoe racks. Not so many left :-( Although I keep my flats in another shoe rack at the hall but that doesn't count. I still need to start my collection all over again. Should I say yay or nay?

Overall, I'm satisfied with Ops Bersih. I should make this an annual project so I could get rid of unwanted, outdated items and ensure everything is neat and organize. Well, hopefully this inspire you to start with your own spring cleaning project too ;-)

Happy weekend peeps!

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efaifi said...

when it comes to cleaning & arranging the house you are my idol ... and your Ibu too, don't ask why

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