Saturday, July 16, 2011

:: majlis aqiqah ady rifqi ::

Event: Majlis Aqiqah Ady Rifqi
Date: 16.06.2011 (Saturday)
Time: 11:00 am
Venue: Masjid Al-Mukminun USJ 2

It was a simple, small event. Started with recitation of surah Al-Imran, the Ustaz then gave Ady a bit of honey and date, followed by marhaban where Ady was brought around and shown to all guests. The event ended with lunch which includes mutton from the aqiqah cooked in 'kuzi' style as one of the dish. Alhamdulillah everything went smoothly and well according to plan. It was a significant event for Ady and us as the parents. 

Our heartiest appreciation goes to:
*Our parents (my parents-in-law for arranging the event & my parents for their support)
*Our dear friends, Isma & Hairil in Melbourne for Ady's Pumpkin Patch top and jeans that he was wearing.
*Family members, friends and all guests for spending their time attending the event.
*My grandparents, aunties and cousins. Although not attending the event, they still came all the way from Negeri Sembilan in the evening just to see Ady.


Wendy Vinen said...

My goodness - Ady has grown so much. He is VERY much like Adiel. Lucky boy ! Very sweet.

Wendy Vinen said...

Siti - Is this event like our christian " christening " where the baby is introduced to your religion and blessed ? If not - would you mind explaining it to me ? It seems to be very important.

~YUN~ said...

sis,hensemnya adi,siap pkai seluar jeans suke last pic,comel sgt die hug spongebob! =)

efaifi said...

Ady tido the whole time of event ke? good baby betol, sorry babe can t make it the other day.

phatgurl said...

Wendy - It is not compulsory but our religion highly encouraged parents to sacrifice animals (2 sheeps or 2 parts of cow for boy / 1 sheep or 1 part of cow for girl) for newborn as a signification of gratitude to the Creator. Having this event is to introduce and announce birth of the child as well as sharing the slaughtered meats with family, friends and the poor, if possible. I believed the event is as significant as the christening but a bit different, isn't it?

phatgurl said...

Yun - suka sgt tgk dia pakai jeans sbb hari2 dia dok pakai romper or seluar putih je. Ni nampak stylo macam budak besar sket...hehe.

Efaifi - no probs babe, it was a simple ceremony anyway. Masa event dia tido on off tapi kalo x tido pun dia dok senyap je. Memang good boy nih...hehehe.

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