Sunday, July 17, 2011

:: first of many things ::

It's 17th of the month and on this date last month, I was giving birth to Ady. Yeap, our lil son is already 1 month old today. Happy 1 month birthday baby! Time flies really fast when there is good things around so I have to cherish every moment with Ady before I start working again. Hubby started going to work as usual a week after Ady was born so there were only both of us at home during the day. Although Ady's usual routine is sleeping and awake for diapers changing, feeding and bathing, a day is never the same like another. One thing I learnt from having a baby is you have to expect the unexpected. Today he might want to sleep on his own but tomorrow he might only want to sleep in my arms. Sometimes I just couldn't believe I've become a mother. I have zero experience in handling baby who is less than one month old so I'm sometimes surprised with my own ability, for example bathing Ady on my own since he was 12 days old. I guess motherhood comes naturally and you have to do what you have to do. Although we have started giving Ady formula milk I'm also thankful that I'm still able to express my milk and he drinks it more than the formula milk, which is only given twice or thrice during the day. Last week Ady managed drinking directly from me but he only does that when he is not very hungry. Well, at least that could helps to stimulate more milk and hopefully I could still give him breastmilk until next few months.

Today also marks Ady first visit to the shopping mall. We know it's kinda early for him and myself to go out but we just couldn't resist the temptation of bringing him jalan-jalan so we started with a small shopping mall closer to home and it was Empire Shopping Gallery. Another thing I couldn't resist was having good food and that also explained our outing. If I become double the size I'm today or having arthiritis and rheumatism later, there is no one else to blame except myself for not having proper confinement period. Had our late lunch at Chilli's. We ordered the same customised dish like Nor and I had during our last outing together; New York Strip + Monterey Chicken with mashed potato and seasoned veggies as well as additional fries. Surprisingly I was full to the max only with one main course so I wondered how Nor and I could ate so much last time when we also ordered Triple Play. Hrmmm...

Enough talking about food. Ady was sleeping in his carrier when we arrived but he suddenly awoke when our dish arrived so we took turns cuddling him while eating. We then strolled around the mall and bought two rompers for our baby. As new parents, it was our first visit to nursing room in a shopping mall and surprisingly Empire Shopping Gallery has a very nice nursing room with cute wallpaper (or is it the same with other shopping malls?). There were 2 changing rooms, a sink and also hot / cold water dispenser. It was clean and comfortable and it makes me want to visit Empire with Ady again. 

Changing time~!

 Ady arrived in blue but left in red
We spent almost four hours before leaving the mall. It was a new experience for all of us, a pleasant one and I just couldn't wait for our next family outing perhaps to a bigger mall ;-)


DaZzlingLilLy said...

happy 1st month anniversary ady...kejap jer kan dah sebulan..mesti seronok jalan2 bawak ady kuar..first outing experience as a mom

phatgurl said...

Ituler...kejap sangat masa berlalu. Seronok bawak dia kuar. Dulu tak pernah kisah pun mana nursing room kat shopping mall, nampaknya skang ni akan jadi tempat wajib singgah. Hehehe.

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