Friday, July 8, 2011

:: a sinful day ::

I should have wrote about this ages ago but didn't had the chance. Still wanna blog about it though cuz it was my last outing as a mommy-to-be. It was Wednesday, 2 days before giving birth to Ady. That noon, Nor fetched me and drove us to One Utama because she already made an appointment at the Estee Lauder roadshow. Like other makeup roadshows they sold vouchers that allow you to have a makeover, get your photos taken and redeem their products. For this Estee Lauder model search roadshow, such voucher was sold at RM300 and RM250 was redeemable for products. Since Nor wanted to add more Estee Lauder products in her collection, the voucher was worthy and she kindheartedly bought another voucher for me to have a makeover too as a pre-delivery treat. My BFF is such a darling isn't she? ;-)


I really like my makeup because it accentuated my eyes without looking OTT although I was wearing fake eyelashes. Wish I could have that fresh, glowing look everyday.

Me still with baby bump and Nor looking pretty... ;-)

We actually spent hours at the roadshow so we were both starving when we left the Centre Court. Nor suggested having lunch at Chili's while we were looking for a place to eat. Remembering about confinement period that awaits me, I agreed with her irresistible idea. Chilli's is one of my favourite eating place and I better eat anything I wanted because I will have to abstain from many delicious food during confinement. Chili's got a new menu that allowed us to combine 2 main course in a dish served with Loaded Mashed Potatoes and Seasonal Veggies for only RM49.90. It was super awesome! Out of few selected main course offered, we chose to have New York Strip with Monterey Chicken. We were starving, excited and being "us", one combo dish was not enough so we also ordered a Triple Play.

Yeah, Nor and I always have big appetite when we go out together. Few years ago we both had 2 Burger King's burgers each (a Whopper & a Mushroom Swiss) together with other side dishes like fries, onion rings and mozarella cheese sticks... and finished eating every single thing. We made it again that day and cleared off those nice, tasty food. I even drank 2 big glasses of lemonade and a big glass of mango juice too... crazy but true!

...After :-D

Oh, I really need to eat at Chili's once this confinement period is over. I miss having good food! Anyway, to cut the story short I did some shopping at One Utama that day. Managed getting a yellow basic tee that I've been waiting for and also 2 basic vests from Dorothy Perkins as well as nursing and feeding items from Parkson that include Avent washable breast pads. I purposely highlighted the pads because I highly recommend it to all mothers-to-be out there. Breast pad is a must-have item and instead of buying disposable ones that cost a lot (because you will need them a lot), why not settle with a washable one instead? Avent washable breast pads contain 3 pairs of pads and also a laundry bag for RM64.90 but you could get them a bit cheaper at online baby stores.

It was Charles & Keith's first day of sale, the sale that I've been waiting for because I have been eyeing for this particular boot ever since it was a new arrival item. Two reasons why I didn't get it earlier were #01 - it was sold at RM149.90 and #02 - I couldn't wear them yet due to pregnancy so what's the rush? Unfortunately that boot was not sold at C&K One Utama so on our way back to USJ I have asked Nor to drop me at Empire because I knew it was sold there. It did and was discounted at 40% so it was only RM89.95. It was worth the wait and what's more, Nor paid it for me as my birthday prezzie. Who doesn't love free shoes? Love ya babe ;-)

Look at my ala-Rozita Che Wan's eyelashes
Trying to look cute + showing off my 2 scoops of ice cream and a trolley full of shopping items

The day was not over yet because our third destination was Mydin. I had to buy some groceries but we walked around the entire store (well, almost) since Nor never been to Mydin before and we ended buying a trolley full of items. One thing I love about going to Mydin is buying King's ice cream from one of the stalls at the parking area. No other brands could beat King's corn flavoured ice cream so that day I had not only one but two cones of ice cream, one on the way in and another on the way out. I even had a scoop of yam with a scoop of corn as you can see in the above pic. Memang hari lepas geram dengan makanan nih...hehehe.

So that was it - a wonderful, memorable and a 'sinful' day out with my BFF. It was sinful because we have spent more than RM1k through out the day and it was more sinful because we didn't regret it. My heartiest appreciation goes to Nor. You really made my day and I will remember it for the rest of my life because it was my last outing before becoming a mama. Really appreciate it babe and thank you for everything - xoxo.


hazera said...

welcome babe~ thank you too for always be there for me! ;)

Wendy Vinen said...

Doesn't matter the cost of a day out with a good friend. And it sure sounds like you had the BEST day ! I can almost taste all that yummy food. Especially the ice-cream - one of my favourite foods - after chocolate of course !

phatgurl said...

@hazera: that's what friends are for ;-)

@wendy: yeah, it was the best day indeed - spending and eating like nobody's business. ice cream and chocolate are simply irresistible! you do have good taste in food, Wendy ;-)

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