Wednesday, August 17, 2011

:: ady is 2 months ::

It's 17th of the month and our baby is 2 months old today. I hardly shared on Ady's development because there was not much to talk about, before. Now that he is already 2 months, alhamdulillah I'm proud to say that our baby is growing and developing very well. There are few significant behavioural development that we have noticed after he reached 1 month and one of it is his sight. Not like before, it is noticeable that he has better vision now. He likes looking around and when he looked at me, it really shown that he was looking at my face. Last two weeks I carried Ady outside and he had this curious expression on his face when he was looking at the sky. I then realised that we usually take him out at night so he rarely sees outside surrounding during the day so I continued carrying him for a little while. His eyes kept on wandering around and it was a good exposure for him to recognise and connect with the real world. Apart from that Ady did impress me when he enjoyed looking at the musical mobile toy moving around while he was lying in his cot. We bought that toy when he was 1 week old but obviously he was too young to appreciate it but now it's worth it. Another thing you have to know about our baby is the fact that he couldn't be left alone on his own when he is not asleep. Sometimes he is ok but not for too long as he will start crying so the musical mobile toy has helped me a lot in distracting him.


Apart from eyes, Ady's ears seem to functioning well too. It was seen when he reacted at the sounds we made by moving his head or just his eyes. Not only that, Ady has started communicating since few weeks ago. I frequently made sounds while looking at him and after a while he managed making sounds like "ooo" or "auuu". Nowadays he even reply to the sounds that we made or started the 'conversation' first and we usually 'talk' to each other a lot after I gave him bath. Oh, I never shared that Ady loves water. I started bathing him since he was 2 weeks old and so far he only cried once which happened ages ago. Most of the time he just sat quietly while I was scrubbing his body. Such a good boy. 

Another development that can be seen is the way he is moving his feet these days. Previously Ady only moved his hands a lot but now he is active kicking with his feet as well so we are expecting him to start moving his body anytime soon. Watching a baby growing is indeed an amazing and a sweet experience, especially when the baby is yours. Small positive changes still count because it shows the baby is growing healthily and accordingly.


By the way, the last time we weighed him two weeks ago Ady was 4.6 kg. We will take him to get his monthly jab within next few days and will update his current weight because as you can see his cheeks are rounder now if compared to before. Thankfully I can still breastfeed Ady until he is 2 months old although not exclusively. Continuing for another month will still be an achievement so hopefully I will be able to do so.

Ady Rifqi, we love you soOoOo much!


The Dreamer said...

ady mantop!! :)

ketawariang said...

eshhhh makin tembam ni ady ni...geramnye... hehe

DaZzlingLilLy said...

rasa mcm kejap jer 2 bulan dah..moga makin bambam ady yer..

phatgurl said...

The Dreamer: mantop weyh!:-D

Ketawariang: itulah hasil kuat minum susu. Pipi bagai dipam.

Lily: masa mmg cepat sgt berlalu. Sok2 sedar tak sedar anak pun dah besar panjang...dan kita plak makin tua...hwaaaa!

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