Saturday, August 27, 2011

:: bff iftar session 2011 ::

Our BFF annual iftar session was held exactly a week ago on Saturday, 20.08.2011 at the Gardens Cafe, Sunway Pyramid. The venue was selected by votes but we have intended to try their food while enjoying the ambience since few months back so the iftar session was one perfect time to do it. Gardens Cafe is a lifestyle store and cafe concept restaurant, but if you're not familiar with its name, you might still have noticed it in shopping malls like One Utama, Mid Valley or The Curve because of its pretty garden white-green concept deco. The one in Sunway Pyramid looks small from outside but I was surprised finding how spacious it was inside. 

It was baby Ady's first outing with Mama and aunties. We planned to gather at 5:30 pm so we could do some shopping but Ady and I arrived more than an hour later. As a new mommy, getting ready independently was quite challenging. Ady didn't like to be left alone and he preferred to be carried most of the time so when I had to leave him while applying makeup and wearing hijab (even lying on the bed next to the dressing table) he started crying continously. Hubby usually sat with him when I was preparing myself but he was at work so I had to either bear with him crying or prepare things (milk, diaper bag, etc) while carrying him in one hand. Lesson learnt: I have to prepare two hours before appointment time instead of an hour before, next time.

Nor, Fila, Rynn and her daughter Rayfa were already comfortable at their seats when I arrived. Apparently the booking that I've made 5 days earlier was cancelled because according to them, the restaurant tried calling me to reconfirm but it was wrong number. The guy who received my call didn't copy my phone number correctly and even worst, he also wrote my name wrongly in their reservation book. Pffffttt...! Luckily my friends arrived early and managed getting new table for us.

Rabby and her daughter Sophie arrived later. It was good to see everybody and it was even better because our friend, Rynn also joined us this time. Outing with my girlfriends is something I always look forward to because not only we could chat endlessly about everything, it also gives me one good reason to dress up. It was my first time wearing shawl that way after watching the tutorial on youtube few days earlier. Not sure whether it really suits me but I wanted to be more adventurous instead of wearing tudung bawal with the same style. I usually prefer wearing casual attire instead of shirt during weekends but since I haven't work for months, I missed wearing one so I wore that white shirt with a pair of jeans and made my son wore similar coloured outfit too. I like the idea of wearing matching colours with my baby because I think it's kinda cute. Hehe.

There's nothing much to share during dinner because besides catching up, exchanged stories and taking photos, we were also busy enjoying our food. Overall, the food is tasty and served in a reasonable portion, not so huge but not so small. I have tasted a better and creamier spaghetti carbonara at other diners but their caesar salad with smoked salmon was good to me. Fila had noodle (middle top pic), Nor had that chicken in pita bread (bottom left pic) and that barramundi (bottom right pic) was Rynn's. Rabby and Sophie ordered spaghetti carbonara and spaghetti marinara but I didn't manage taking the pics because they were sitting at the other side of the table. They also have kids menu so the two girls got themselves fried chicken if I'm not mistaken. They also served fruit juice in cute mini jug, but unfortunately they must have used all of them when they were preparing Fila's watermelon juice because she received hers in a plastic glass instead. Rayfa got hers in that jug but I forget to ask Rynn to snap a pic. I guess everybody was satisfied because nobody gave negative remarks about their food. Before I forget, I have to say that their hot honey lemon was the best I've ever tasted and that could be one reason for me to dine at Gardens Cafe again. If compared to their rival Fullhouse which we went 6 months ago, Gardens Cafe is much more better in terms of food and ambience. Ample space, nice ambience, good food, what's more to ask? Highly recommended, enough said.

Actually we were also celebrating Nor's success that night. She just completed her MBA and will be graduating in October so she kindheartedly paid everything. Thank you so much Nor - "semoga sentiasa dimurahkan rejeki hendaknya".

There wasn't much desserts selection in Gardens Cafe so we moved to Starbucks for supper. I don't know whether supper is the best term to use because we just ate dinner but whatever. There was this shop named Payless Shoes next to the Starbucks and we spent almost half an hour inside luring over massive shoe collection that were reasonably priced. Fila and I ended up buying a pair each. Mine was a beige coloured peep toe meanwhile Fila bought a houndstooth pumps. If you're a shoe lover just like us, do visit that shop because they have pretty shoes and they arranged them according to size. There are also shoes for children and those for girls were very cute and irresistible.

I didn't order anything in Starbucks because I'm still on coffee and ice probation, but I took two loOoOong sips of Nor's dark mocha frappucino which is my favourite drink (untuk tidak kempunan). We continued chatting until Fila started unveiling her 'Santa Bag'. Every year Fila never fail giving us Hari Raya prezzies and this year Nor and I followed that tradition by giving our prezzies too. Each of us received a shawl and body mist from Fila, and a bronze or silver brooch from Nor. Fila even gave the two girls pretty dresses and Nor gave them pink headbands, while Ady received a cute Pumpkin Patch t-shirt from Fila. I gave my girlfriends a set of Ecotools travelling makeup brush. Didn't have much time to prepare fancy wrapping so I only made small cards for everybody with an origami heart on the cover. We have noticed earlier that the three of us used Japanese theme for our packaging and when I looked at the above picture, I noticed that we also used similar colour shades which are pink and green. I guess we have been friends for too long until we could think into the same direction. Anyway, thank you so much Fila and Nor for that prezzies and hopefully all of you find the makeup brush set useful.

Shops were already closed when we left Starbucks except for Jaya Jusco. We stopped by at Jusco because I had to change Ady's diaper, then we bid farewell to each other. Later, Rynn and Rayfa followed me to my car because I needed help to dismantle the stroller. It was a bit difficult because my hubby usually handled everything so I didn't know how to do it. Luckily Rynn and Rayfa were with me because it is dangerous to stay out of the car for a long period in a parking area. Thanks so much dear!

Our iftar session was a success and I look forward to having more sessions with my besties. To my BFF, thank you so much for the wonderful time. I highly apologize for any wrongdoings and hope to see you girls later, perhaps during our Raya potluck? ;-)

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sera_a said...

Oooh they have payless shoes!!? No need to borong in jeddah/usa la after this..

By the way, cun je kau pakai style tu! And ady sangat comel okay! Hihi

phatgurl said...

Yeap, sebelah Starbucks new wing. teruja gile tengok kasut berderet kan? Ko wajib pergi beb. Btw bila aunty Sarah mau jumpa baby Ady?

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