Saturday, August 27, 2011

:: sempoinya berbuka ::

This is an opposite to this "meriahnya sahur" post. 

I had to break fast alone yesterday because hubby had to settle some work. Thought of calling mcDelivery but when it was nearly 6:00 pm I suddenly got a better idea and this is the result:

Porridge with shredded chicken, tenggiri jeruk and Vegemite

During our trip to Melbourne last year we almost brought home a bottle of Vegemite but it was left at the airport because it was not allowed to be handcarried. I finally got it after almost a year through my friend Isma who just returned home and ever since that, I have been addicted to it. In case you're not familiar with it, Vegemite is concentrated yeast extract. I haven't found it anywhere here in Malaysia but we have Marmite which is the same thing but made in UK, while Vegemite is an Australian product. I have to admit that it has funny taste and smell; and some people may not like it but I like it (a lot).

It may sound a bit weird but my late grandmother was the one who taught me eating porridge with Marmite when I was still a young kid. I haven't eat it for ages and yesterday, I managed to bring back my childhood memory and I didn't eat one or two but THREE bowls of porridge! FYI, I love eating porridge and that porridge was also cooked similarly to how my late grandmother used to cook it as it was mixed with coconut milk. Having something that made me reminiscing my childhood is simply the best and it's more appetizing although it looks simple.

On another note, I really miss my late grandmother. She was the greatest cook ever and if you asked me who I really want to meet whether in this life or the next, without any doubt I'll answer "her". al-Fatihah to my late grandmother, Allahyarhamah Salbiah binti Suki and not forgetting my late grandfather too, Allahyarham Mohammed Farid bin Abdullah.


BB Luvs Me said...

nice blog!!! uve got a really cute baby boy!

BB Luvs Me

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phatgurl said...

Thanks and your shop has a lot of cute collections :-D

mrsdjones said...

Sungguh appetizing shredded chicken and porridge tu! With coconut milk lg sedap lemak2 manis. Simple yet delicious! Hope you will enjoy your Eid this year with ur lil munchkin. Al-fatihah to ur grandparents too. Take good care! xoxo

phatgurl said...

mrsdjones - it's a bit late but I'm sure you were enjoying Hari Raya with your family. It's a meaningful one for the three of us ;-)

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