Sunday, August 7, 2011

:: pampered & rejuvenated ::

I should take a break from writing about food so this time I'm sharing about the postnatal treatment I had at Bella Luna Spa in Tropicana Medical Centre on Tuesday, 26 July. It was my 40th day in confinement and I purposely booked my appointment before the holy Ramadhan starts. After almost 2 months, I was back driving on the road because hubby couldn't send me due to urgent matters and Ady had to stay with his Opah. My appointment was at 3:30pm. I never been to Tropicana Medical Centre before and it took me around half an hour to reach there from USJ because I didn't trust the route shown in iPad's map. I took the route I'm familiar with which was longer but on the way back home I somehow trusted my iPad, followed the map and hey, it was not that far actually. Moral of the story: next time, just trust the map!

Anyway, Bella Luna is a small spa located on the ground floor at the back of the medical centre's lobby. I was welcomed by a young chinese lady who then briefed me on the 60 minutes treatment that came with that voucher. I was entitled to full body massage and a hot steam, which already sufficient but like other promotional strategies she then offered me an upgrade. By paying RM68 I could get another 30 minutes treatment which includes full body mask, full body wrap and a bottle of ampule oil which according to the lady could help vanishing stretch marks. Thinking and talking about my postpartum body (especially stretch marks) made me vulnerable so I agreed to upgrade the treatment and made that lady happy. Oh by the way, that lady told me something about my fair skin and I have heard that kind of remark few times before. Honestly, I don't know why chinese kept on telling me that I have fairer skin than theirs. Yes, my skin is fair but fairer than them? I think it is almost the same but not fairer...

I brought my camera but didn't get any chance to snap pics because my belongings were left in the locker. The masseuse started the session by massaging the ampule on my butt and thighs then massaged the entire back of my body. She was a nice, young lady and we had good conversation through out the session but I didn't like her massage as much as the traditional massage I had with an aunty in Shah Alam few weeks earlier, which was a lot more softer. After massaging the back part, she then continued applying the oil on my tummy as per my request. Due to laziness, I rarely applied oil on my tummy during pregnancy and it cost me stretch marks and dark patches on that area. Although I knew they couldn't be vanished with a blink of an eye, let alone a tiny bottle of ampule oil I still want to make an effort. After massaging front part of my body the lady then applied the body mask which was more like lulur or param in the confinement set, wrapped my entire body with cling wrap and left me inside the steaming blanket for 30 minutes. The steaming session was good because I didn't realise anything until that lady came back to inform it was already 30 minutes. It was relaxing and I didn't realise I was fallen asleep but too bad it was all over. I took a shower, came out of the room and met the lady who welcomed me earlier. She did her job again, promoting and offering good package deal if I'm interested to continue the treatment but that time my vulnerability didn't help her to secure the deal though.

I left the spa feeling fresh and rejuvenated. I guess I should pampered myself like that once in a while and appreciate my body a lot more. I was satisfied with the entire experience and one thing for sure, did not regret upgrading the treatment because that ampule oil really worked. When I looked at myself in the mirror at home later in the evening, I found some of the dark patches on my tummy were already gone. Even few light coloured stretch marks on my thighs became a lot lighter than before. It was efficient even with one small portion and imagine how the skin will look like with few continuous treatments. Well, thanks to Iza aka. thepinkstilettos who has chosen me as one of the winner for the giveaway in her blog, I was one happy lady :-)

On another note, I also checked my weight that day and surprise, surprise... I have lost 13kg! I was definitely one happy, blissful, contented (and other synonyms for happy) lady!

p/s: I hope that weighing scale worked properly.

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