Tuesday, August 9, 2011

:: trifle ::

Okay let's talk about food again. It's my 'Projek Dapur Ramadhan' (Ramadhan's Kitchen Project) #03 and it was done last Saturday. This time I'm writing in English because I'm talking about a famous dessert originated from England since 1596 which is trifle.

Trifle is one dessert that I've made the most in my life because of many reasons. It's easy, looks impressive, leaves no mess in the kitchen and for the obvious reason, delightfully delicious with a mixture of texture and flavour combined into one. I tasted a trifle for the first time 13 years ago when our family lived in Manchester and straightly felt in love with it. Trifle is the perfect dessert to impress boyfriend, girlfriend, friends, in laws or any dessert lovers because you can't hardly go wrong with it. You just need to know the basic steps while layering is open to own's creativity. Here I'm sharing with you the step-by-step guide on how I made my trifle.


- Cake (people usually use swiss roll but this time I used cake from Apollo brand)

*Second layer
- 3 table spoons custard flour (Bird's custard is always the best)
- 2 table spoons sugar
- 500ml fresh milk

 *Third layer
- Fruit cocktail or fresh fruits
- Jelly (flavour of your choice. I used strawberry flavoured jelly - Nona brand, in box)
- 400 ml water


1. Make the base - Arrange cakes to cover bottom of the container / casserole and sprinkle some syrup from the fruit cocktail to moisten them.

2. Cook the custard - Heat milk with sugar until dissolve. Mix custard flour with some cold water and pour slowly inside the milk. Stir continuously until mixture is nicely creamy.

3. Pour hot custard on top of cakes and leave to cool.

4. Arrange fruit cocktail without the syrup on top of the custard layer.

5. Cook the jelly according to instructions on box - cook water with jelly powder in sauce pan. Stir continuously until powder dissolves and mixture is boiling.

6. Pour jelly onto custard and fruit cocktail. Leave to cool for a while and chill in refrigerator until serving time.

As stated above, people usually use swiss roll for the base but any sponge cake can still be used actually. This time I experimented with original flavoured Apollo layer cake like the picture below and it was better than using butter cake like I once did before.

Luckily I tasted the cake beforehand because it was so sweet and therefore cooked the custard with less sugar to balance the taste. You may add another table spoon of sugar if you want to make your custard sweeter and also decide what to put in each layer but cake should still be the base. Previously I had jelly as the second layer on top of the cake, then custard, topped with fruits and it still tasted good. Whipped or heavy cream is also another great choice as a layer or as a topping. Please take note that it is hard to cut and retain shape of each slice so if you're serving big crowd it's better to make the trifle in small containers for everybody. Just use your creativity, explore possibilities and make a trifle today ;-)


Penawar_Rindu said...

sangat menarikkkkkkkkkkk

phatgurl said...

Senang, Menarik & sedap. Try la buat!

Penawar_Rindu said...

Akhirnya...tercipta sejarah telah membuat triffle...thanks atas inspirasi..

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