Friday, August 26, 2011

:: sneak peek ::

Here's a sneak peek of my Hari Raya dress...

We went to Jalan TAR on Wednesday night searching for hubby's baju melayu. Like last year, I let him chose his baju melayu and the theme colour first before I bought mine; and also like last year, shopping was done at the very last minute. The area was crowded as expected. We brought Ady together but had to carry him instead of using stroller as it was a lot more easier and our baby was asleep most of the time so there was no trouble at all. We walked from beginning to end of the stalls but hubby couldn't decide. Searching for his baju melayu was quite challenging because most small size tops was not that small so it didn't fit him well. He bought his baju melayu from KL Tradisional last year and it suited him so we hoped to find something from that brand but neither caught his attention.

After walking through long stretch of stalls that lasted more than 1 km, we walked back from the end and that dress caught my attention. It was a long sleeve maxi chiffon dress with a big bling-bling in the middle of the waist. It was love at the first sight because that dress really reflects my taste. At first I was quite disappointed knowing that the dress was in free size because I thought it won't fit me well, but surprisingly it looked good on my postpartum body. No alteration needed because the length fell nicely when it is worn with heels later. I was a bit concerned on the colour though because it would be difficult for hubby to choose his baju melayu that matches the tone but he said not to worry. There were few other colours in different designs but hubby knew my taste and my colour very well so there she is now in my possession. By the way, compared to its quality and look the dress was sold at a very reasonable price. Never mind that it was bought at Jalan TAR and not from fancy boutiques because as long as it suits my taste, looks gorgeous and reasonably priced... I'm more than happy :-)

That night we returned home without any baju melayu so we went to PKNS Shah Alam last night to continue our search. There were a number of stalls selling baju melayu but they were a bit expensive and most doubled the price sold at Jalan TAR with the same fabric and quality. We managed getting a small baju melayu Johor for Ady though at RM40 after discount (sold at RM48 at first). Have to do a bit of alteration at the sleeves and pants but he sure gonna look cute in it later. To cut the story short, we ended going to Jalan TAR again last night and to cut the story shotter, we returned home with two baju melayu.

It's going to be a memorable Hari Raya. Our first Raya with our son.



DaZzlingLilLy said...

mesti cantik dress tu..i pun suka that bling2..

phatgurl said...

Lily - memang bling2 tu laa yang buat I mula terpikat. Pantang tengok benda mengerlip :-D

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