Monday, January 9, 2012

:: ady's first food ::

Ady is 7 months in a week time. Half of this post was already in draft since last month but I couldn't publish it because I don't have time to finish it up. At this point, I'm quite disappointed for leaving my blog unattended for weeks and I already owe myself a long list of posts. I really need to put blogging in my schedule everyday because Nor told me before that serious bloggers scheduled their time to update their blogs. Being a serious blogger is not the main intention though, but at least I won't leave any great moments passed by just like that without capturing it here. Guess I really have to find the time and try harder then. 

Anyway, Ady had his first solid food on the day he turned 6 months. As parents, we were both very excited and hubby even recorded video when I first spoonfed rice cereal into Ady's mouth. Ady's first solid food was plain rice Neslac and Ady loved it very much. He ate slowly at first, but after few spoons he started making noise when I late feeding the cereal into his mouth. He just couldn't wait maybe because he was hungry and in the end, a small plate of rice cereal was completely gone.

** Ini dia rupa budak kecik yang kenyang **
So far Ady eats rice cereal as his staple food but instead of giving him plain cereal all the time, I boiled carrots, mashed and mix them together. I did boil red apples before we went to Singapore but didn't feed him because it was quite sour and I didn't want to take any risk since we were on vacation. Maybe I will do it again this week and see whether Ady likes it or not. During our stay in the hospital two weeks ago Ady was given pureed porridge, either fish or chicken. I think he preferred chicken porridge because he managed eating half adult-size bowl. My mother already told me few times to cook porridge instead of continue feeding Ady rice cereal but I couldn't do it because our blender is used to blend chillies. We have to buy a dedicated blender to puree Ady's food and now I have no excuse to prepare pureed food for our baby because I already got this new tool yesterday, thanks to mr.Hubby :-)

It is a hand blender. Retail price stated in Philips website is RM229 but it was sold at RM209. For that purchase we got RM10 Tesco voucher and the SA was kind enough to give us free Philips plastic containers. I got very excited so I straight away cooked rice porridge when we reached home. It was already 3 something in the morning but I was very eager to test it so I did. I have to admit that I don't cook often but I am always intrigue with sophisticated kitchen appliances. That stuff is superbly awesome and I got a bowl full of pureed porridge in a minute. Not only blending knife, the set also came with a whisk and chopper to turn it into a hand mixer and food processor. Hah! no more reason for not cooking -_-

Anyway that item below the blender is actually a fish & vegetable steamer. Bought it in Melbourne 2 years back, it can be used to steam fish and vege inside a microwave with only 1 - 2 tablespoons of water. I actually forgot about its existence but since I was very excited to make Ady's food last night and wanted to steam broccoli, I somehow remembered it. After two trials and over steamed broccoli, I now know that it only takes 1 - 2 minutes to steam vege with that thing. How easy is that. Okayyyyy...I have to more reason for not cooking!

I guess that's it for now then. Couldn't wait to feed Ady with his first mama's cooking tonight. Toodles!


Anonymous said...

Ady is looking very pleased with himself after eating his first solid food ! Somehow I knew that feeding him new foods would not be a problem - he is such a happy little boy. Maybe Vegemite toast will come soon ? That will be funny to watch. I wonder was his reaction will be ? Love or hate ?? Big kisses to my little boy. Love Auntie Wendy

phatgurl said...

Wendy: I already gave him Vegemite mixed in rice porridge and he loved it~!

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