Friday, January 20, 2012

:: fabulous friday ::

What I had during lunch at KLCC:

Popilla Beef Con Quesadillas | Nachos | Pina Colada
Starbucks Grande Dark Mocha Frap | Marble Cheese Cake
Maya Cookies


What I got:

Are these true???

Many thanks to Nor for the Starbucks treat, Maya cookies & zodiac necklace.
Fila, thanks so much for joining having something with us ( I don't think Jimmy reads this blog :-D )


Izzanie said...

Hi. Stumble upon your blog. Where can I get that zodiac sign? I am also a Capricornian.

phatgurl said...

Hi Izzanie, don't know how to contact u though cuz not sure whether u gonna read this comment form again. Btw U can get that zodiac necklace from Diva.

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