Thursday, January 26, 2012

:: red is louboutin? ::

Red is the warmest of all colours and often associated with heat, energy, danger.
Red roses convey love, passion, romance.
For the Chinese, red ang pow symbolises good luck...

...but in world of shoes, red sole is associated with
Christian Louboutin shoes.

The red sole heels might be dream shoes for many shoe lovers. I am a shoe lover too but I chose to ignore looking at designer shoes because I know they all come with hefty price tags. I can consider spending thousands $$$ on a piece of designer handbag but to spend thousands on shoes, well I'm still not rich to splurge on something I wear on the feet. That is a fact I have to endure so I normally buy shoes from ordinary brands, as long as they look pretty. 

During an afternoon outing with BFFs at Empire few weeks ago, Rabby mentioned about someone wearing red sole heels. I told her red sole shoes are associated with Louboutins and because of that subject, I 'broke my curfew' and searched about it later that night. sole heels underneath black or nude are simply gorgeous. I have been thinking about it since then (now, that's why I chose to curb myself from looking at designer shoes -_-) and somehow the Internet gave way for me to own them... say hello to my red sole skyscrapers...
A perfect steal, only RM69 from Kiss & Tell

Now red sole heels no longer means Louboutin :-P


efaifi said...

setelah beli kasut online yg tak saiz (pastu sedekah kat korang), aku x berani lagi nk beli online. i have a pair yg tapak merah but pakai kat office je hehe tinggi gila nak jln gi lrt

phatgurl said...

efaifi: Kasut ni dibeli kat Tropicana masa Red Day Kenny Rogers aritu sebab kedai dia kat situ. Rabiki pun almost beli kasut ni jugak.

Anyway we should go to Tropicana for our outing. Ada banyak baju & kasut chanteks!!! :-D

Blogger said...

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