Thursday, January 26, 2012

:: homemade beef quesadillas ::

I have a thing for Mexican food. From fajitas, quesadillas, burritos, nachos, even guacamole to salsa... man, they are all my favourites! I usually ate at Chilis but ever since I came across a stall named Popilla, having Mexican is just like having fast food. If you like Mexican food and never heard of the name, you are missing something because Popilla is one decent stall selling Tex-Mex food namely tacos, burritos, quesadillas, enchilada, mexican rice and nachos. The one in Ikano is just opposite Cold Storage, another in KLCC is in the Signature food court and there is also another stall in Pavilion that I never been to.  

I usually have their beef quesadillas set that came with nachos and pina colada, but it is quite difficult to get them because neither Ikano nor KLCC nor Pavilion is near home or office. Since I really like the quesadillas so much I then said to myself one day, "why don't I make them at home?". After reading this post by thepinkstilletos I became more inspired and after a quick visit to Cold Storage last Tuesday, I finally managed making my own homemade beef quesadillas later that night. Here, I am sharing the recipe as my own reference and also for readers, in case you feel like having Mexican at home ;-)

Basic Ingredients:

- Minced meat
- Taco seasoning mix
- Shallot
- Garlic
- Cheese (grated / shredded)
- Tortilla bread


1. Fry 200g minced meat with a table spoon of cooking oil until brown. Put aside.

2. Boil 2/3 cup of water with a sachet of seasoning mix and stir until well mixed. Pour meat into the mixture and keep on stirring. I somehow found some olives and mushrooms inside my refrigerator so I just add them in together with diced shallot and garlic. Thinking of adding diced green capsicum, onions and tomatoes next time. Add pinch of salt and sugar according to taste.

3. Keep on stirring until the mixture is dry.

4. Heat a tortilla bread on a pan.

5. Spread some butter at half side and sprinkle some grated cheese on another.

6. Put beef mixture on the cheese side and sprinkle some more cheese on top.

7. Fold the tortilla and flip. Cook until cheese is melted.

8. Cut into half or quarter and serve with sour cream. Even better with guacamole and salsa too. (here is my easy salsa dip recipe)

Verdict: I was so happy with the outcome. It was my first trial and I was so excited because hubby liked it too. Luckily he urged me to buy the taco seasoning mix or else it won't turn out as expected. The mixture was enough for three tortillas and total cost is way cheaper than buying three ala-carte quesadillas from Popilla. I will surely make them again next time, perhaps with salsa and pina colada. Me encanta la comida mexicana!


farhana shamsuddin said...


phatgurl said...

memang yummy (masuk bakul angkat sendiri) lol.

~YUN~ said...

sedapnya sis!nk cube..nk cube...=)

phatgurl said...

Yun: sila sila...tak susah pun. By 30 mins dah boleh makan. Happy trying :-)

the dreamer said...

que ricooo...ok, will try

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