Sunday, January 29, 2012

:: a warm housewarming ::

BabyAdy and I spent the whole Saturday evening with Nor and Fila. Fila who shared a room with me when we first started working then became a roommate to Nor for many years. She is living somewhere else now so she invited us for somesort of housewarming. Nor fetched Ady and I from home after attending a baking class in Shah Alam and the three of us arrived at Fila's place around 3 something. It was a casual meeting and as usual, the main agenda is eating while gossiping chatting.

We were entertained by such a wonderful hostess who prepared us fried bihun, chicken skewer, egg and cheese sandwich, and popia. Nor and I were both starving so we ate like nobody business and because of that we both became very sleepy. We watched an episode of HIMYM and then decided to have tea ( keep us awake) while tasting the cheesecake that Nor has baked and brought from her baking class. I tell you, the cake tasted really good. I am not a cheesecake person but I liked it because it was not too cheesy and sweet. Perfect for my liking. Not only that, she also learnt making vanilla cookies that tasted like Danish butter cookies and they were awesomely delicious too. I am so lucky for having BFFs who love cooking and eating. Love you girls! *big hug*.

After having tea we continued watching tv and the two girls were drooling over Neal Caffrey in White Collar. We only watched half of Glee season 3 first episode before we made our way home because it was already 8 something. Anyway, this was what I gave Fila as a small housewarming gift:

A butter dish; and since I am in the mood for making craft projects, I decorated the item with felt pompom and made a pin cushion, placed as a butter. Last but not least, big thanks to Fila for being such a wonderful hostess and also to Nor for the ride, cake and cookies.

p/s: to Rabby and Rynn, hope to see you both in the next meeting / outing. The more the merrier. Peace.

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efaifi said...

hihi thank u babe, suke aku menjamu org ni. rabby n sophie sampai pon tgh kebulor nasib baik cukop food, pasni aku kene belajar masak utk ramai org

phatgurl said...

Efaifi: thanks to YOU. Kenyang aku dibuatnya. Amateur dalam membajet portion masakan adalah stended...kata bujang. Aku yg tak bujang pun fail. Haha.

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