Tuesday, February 21, 2012

:: garden of roses ::

Question: What is your favourite flower?

As for me, the answer is rose. I have rose image or pattern as handphone wallpaper, bed sheet set and even clothings because I love the spiral pattern of the petals. While searching for tutorials online, I found tutorial on how to make rose from felt cloth. I got very excited and decided to make another bib necklace (I'm crazy over bib necklaces!) so here let me introduce you another Phattgurll Accessory product, the Garden of Roses.

This bib necklace has all my favourite elements: roses, pink colour and combination of pink and green. Now, let me pop you with another question, "Will you wear one?"

p/s: thanks to Mrs. Priss for the tutorial :-)

*keywords: felt bib necklace, diy bib necklace, pink bib necklace


hazera said...

superlike!! :>

I like the missus site too..interesting..gonna try the pinwheel tutorial! i love!

phatgurl said...

Dah berabad baru sempat reply ur comment. Tq babe for ur endless support. Nanti aku bagi sample brooch lagi yer :-D

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