Monday, February 20, 2012

:: no bake cheesecake ::

Today I am sharing with you an easy peesy way to produce a creamy, delectable cheese cake without much hassle and procedure, thanks to an ex-colleague (Kak Shikin) for the recipe and tutorial class 2 years ago. 

1. Ingredients:
     - Kraft Philadelphia cream cheese
     - Nestle cream
     - Condensed milk
     - Cheddar cheese
     - Marie biscuits

2. Combine cream cheese and cream together.

3. Pour 3/4 tin of condensed milk into the cream mixture.

4. Beat all three ingredients until well-mixed.

5. Spread a thin layer of cheese mixture on the base of the casserole.

6. Organize Marie biscuits until casserole base is fully covered.

7. Spread another thin layer of cheese mixture on top of biscuits layer.

8. Organize Marie biscuits to make another layer.

9. Either repeat step 7 & 8 or just pour all cheese mixture on top of the second or third biscuits layer. Grate cheddar cheese on top and refrigerate for few hours before serving.

Frankly speaking I am not a cheesecake person because I prefer chocolate among all but this cheesecake is exceptional because it is creamy but not too cheesy, yet very addictive. You can be more creative by adding oreo crumbs, fruits or any other ingredients on top. Simply delicious!

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fana said...

nampak senang.. tapi x tau la sng x kalau buat sndri...

Permata Agro said...

maaf cuma nak kepastian..Phiadephia cream cheese tue 'halal' ke yek...cos bimbang gak kan

phatgurl said...

farhana: nampak senang, buat pun senang. kalau tak memang i tak buat...hehehe

ida: ada tanda halal tapi bukan jakim punya, Australia punya tak silap sebab cream cheese tu imported. Insyaallah suci :-)

balq15 said...

Dah lama tak buat...tiba-tiba teringin pulak...hehehe...

phatgurl said...

balqis: this weekend then? :-)

Madihah MH said...

Salam. boleh tanya cream cheese tu guna berapa byk nye?

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