Wednesday, February 29, 2012

:: it's leap day ::

29th of February only comes in every 4 years. Planned to write a special post in conjunction with this special date but it was quite a busy day at work so plan only remains as a plan. Thought of snapping and publishing photos of what I ate through out the day but:

1.) I was too hungry during breakfast (had nasi lemak with milo tarik at riverside).
2.) I only remember to snap pic after the entire plate of rojak (except tauhu) already gone during lunch meeting.

Anyhow, I still got one highlight of the day and that is a farewell hi-tea celebration for my subordinate who got transferred to another unit but still within our division. Due to tight schedule we ended up eating at Secret Recipe in our office building. Our team consists of four including me so it was just like eating together but outside the usual office environment. This time around and maybe because I was still full from the rojak, I remembered taking a pic of what I had.

A plate of prawn & mushroom macaroni with cheese, a slice of chocolate fudge cake and a cup of white coffee.

Plates and cups were cleared and I was so full but surprisingly my tummy got hungry again so I had a 'dinper' (dinner + supper) at midnight; rice and nicely cooked chicken dish by the best mother-in-law in the world. I still could not figure out how the chicken was cooked but it was awesomely delicious! Not a tiny regret for having a plate of rice with chicken in the middle of the night, but again no picture too. Now it is clearly shown that my mind can easily forget things when my tummy is desperate for food.

Okay enough talking about food and get back to the leap year subject. In case you didn't know, old Irish tradition allow women to propose for marriage on leap day and men who turned down the proposal must pay a penalty if he refused the marriage. Interesting, eh? Too bad all my single friends (and their partners / crush) are not Irish though...haha.

Happy Leap Day peeps!

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the dreamer said...

hmm..why so easy to get hungry eh..petanda sesuatu? hehe

farhana shamsuddin said...

asyik lapar je.. ada sesuatu ke? hehhehhe

phatgurl said...

Muna & Farhana: errrrr please don't remind me...huhuhu. Now i'm getting a bit worried although having big appetite is normal for me. But still worried....errr errrrr.

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