Friday, March 2, 2012

:: drink with style ::

One criteria (out of many) that shows my womanhood is my interest towards kitchen appliances. I may not cook as often as others but I still go "ooh and ahh" over kitchen gadgets especially the awesome ones. Previously I was so into knives and after having few pieces of Zwelling J.A Henckel's I moved on. The latest item in our kitchen is the Philips handheld blender/mixer/chopper, which is really good and I love it to bits. I have no intention to add more kitchen gadget until my visit with Nor to Coffee Beans few days ago.

Have not been to Coffee Beans for ages because we usually prefer to hangout in Starbucks. Apparently these days they also sell stuff related to coffee. They got coffee maker but I'm not interested with that. Instead, I was eyeing on the milk frotherer and excited to find a handheld one, priced at RM55. I found it awesome because I can replicate the similar frothy hot drinks at home like what we usually had at coffee houses so I said to Nor, "this is in my wishlist this year".

Yesterday with Nor again, we went to Daiso The Curve to get supplies for my craft projects. I have this love-hate relationship with Daiso because I lost my beloved cat, KiKi due to their incompetent cashier but I like their wide range of products that are only priced at RM5. With hand full of fabrics, we went to the kitchen appliances area and my eyes were glowing seeing a pink handheld milk frotherer. My goodness! Why must splurge when there is a steal? I bought it of course, saved myself RM50 and already crossed an item in my wishlist. I was so excited to try it so last night, I made hot Milo for hubby and myself with a froth milk on top:

Nice? Thanks to this lil thing here:

...and this was taken earlier this morning...

Love it to bits!!!
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fana said...

seronoknyer... mcm mnarik

Ayna Jalal said...

u make me want it too now, hehe=P

phatgurl said...

Farhana / Ayna: i highly recommend it. Only rm5 dapat something yg boleh produce wow result. Dia boleh kacau benda lain jugak mcm telur, etc asalkan tak terlalu pekat. Berbaloi :-)

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