Thursday, February 16, 2012

:: my best memories with tm ::

At first, I felt impossible to write about my best memories with TM because my mind automatically associated TM with the Internet as they are the main internet provider in this country through Streamyx and Unifi. I could not think of any significant memory I had while using the internet so I thought a bit further. Due to technology and media advancement these days many people including myself might have forgotten about the existence of fixed line phone. Back in the days fixed home line was a necessity and the sole service provider in Malaysia was no other than TM or previously known as Jabatan Telekom then Telekom Malaysia.

 Fixed home line has sentimental value in my life because it reminds me of my childhood. It was 1991 and I was in standard 4 Raya when I knew my best friend, Riza Azwani. We first met when we were playing jumping over string of rubber bands, which was a hit among girls that time. We became classmates, sat in the same group and we just clicked. Apparently we had a lot in common from having the same hobbies (which is collecting stamps), being the only child, fans of 4U2C and many more. We spent most of the time at school together whether in the class or in the canteen or anywhere else and we talked a lot to each other. Honestly, we were very talkative and we did not stop at school. Riza stayed at her aunt's after school until her parents fetched her after work while I went straight home by school bus.

We used to have this phone model at home

I do not know how we did it because after spending the entire day at school together we could still talked to each other through phone calls. We usually made agreement before either one of us left by saying "nanti aku call / nanti ko call tau" (I'll call later / call me later) and our activity begun after we had lunch. Not only weekdays, our storytelling activity also happened during weekends too. We were not worried about the bills because (#01) we did not pay them and (#02) we stayed in the same state so our calls were listed under local calls with cheaper rate because they were charged according to units (#03) phone numbers were not listed in local calls unlike national calls so we were safe! Yet still, our parents did warn us if we made most of the call outs so we had this lil tactic. To show that we are receiving call instead of making call out, one of us will call and said "call aku nanti aku call ko balik" (call me and I'll call you back) when the 'coast is clear'. Intead of hanging up the handset, the first caller had to hold the black button on the telephone and wait for the phone to ring for several times to alert everyone about a coming call. The receiver then released the black button, said hello, end the call by pushing the black button again and call back. Phones were ringing at both sides so both of us were safe from getting scold. Clever or not? :-D Not sure whether you could understand the entire process but that is one of our best kept secret for 20 long years.

 Riza was my maid of honor and I was hers. We have planned that since school.

There was this time when we heard a third party voice while we were chatting. It was a crossed line and the pakcik was saying hello. I somehow answered him and acted like I knew him while Riza stood silence at the other end. I acted like a grown up but obviously the pakcik noticed I was playing around so he got really mad and scolded me, and I immediately hanged up the phone. That was a silly one but I have many other sweet, bad and even weird experiences associated with fixed home line because I was an avid phone user since primary school until univ years. By the way, Riza and I have been friends for 21 years this 2012. We may not talk to each other as often as before but we do keep in touch once in a while. May our friendship last forever and thank you to TM for connecting us.

You may have better experience with TM and its products but as for me, reminiscing my chidhood by associating it with fixed home line is my best memories with TM


nottikos said...

nice one! :)

phatgurl said...

thank you bebeyh. wish me luck! :-D

the dreamer said...

nice...a reminiscence to a quite similar past..:)

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