Friday, March 30, 2012

:: finally! ::


.....I'm back to the blogging world. Sorry for the temporary hiatus. Been very busy at work and I was down with combination of slight fever, running nose, terrible cough and toothache. Except for fever, other culprits still disturbing me until now and the earliest dentist appointment I could get is next Tuesday. Terrible. I'm living in major pain -_-


.....I got a nice maxi dress. Been interested in owning one since months ago. Have been eyeing for maxi dresses from the PopLook but always contemplate because I do not want to be upset if it does not fit me well. We have sale booths in Menara TM this week so I went down to check it out yesterday. Found this particular booth selling pretty and good quality blouses, skirts and also maxi dresses. Price for each item was very reasonable and way better than blogshops so I did an impulsive shopping spree buying two blouses, two maxi dresses and a scallop long skirt. It was a great, satisfying bargain because when I tested all the items at home early this morning, they fit me well and made me happy so I wore the black maxi dress to office. Not only that, I also went back to the booth and grabbed another maxi dress in ocean blue and another chiffon top. Happy~!!!
The new black maxi paired with leopard print belt, cream knitted cardie, cream & pink shawl and a black heels.


.....I got an instant camera. Earlier this month I gave Nor an extremely early birthday prezzie (her birthday is in October by the way) and it was something she really wanted for her home, which is a vacuum cleaner. I granted her wish because I want to be remembered everytime she vacuums the house so in return she granted my wish today and handed over a pink Fujifilm Instax Mini 7S instant camera with two packs of films. When I was small, my friend who was a daughter of state's Chief Minister got an instant camera. I personally found it was cool to have one so I have been dreaming of owning an instant camera since then and finally got one after more than 20 years! Thank you BFF for making my dream comes true. Love it to bits and we should better learn how to camwhore better. Lol.

Check here if you're interested to own an Instax and its accessories too ;-)


farhana shamsuddin said...

Seronoknyerr...i pun minat ni

phatgurl said...

Farhana: bonus coming up soon so apa lagi... ;-)

hazera said...

yeay!! finally~! when will I finally have one too!? ihiks

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