Sunday, April 29, 2012

:: our bersih day ::

Ever since attached to the current Unit I am handling now, April is never the same as before. No doubt, April would be the busiest month through out the year (and among the happiest too when everything is over). I was very busy in the office and too tired when reached home, hence explains my silence in the blogging world. It is already end of April and this is only the second post of the month. At this point, there is too much to tell. What I was up to, what Ady was up to, blablabla... whoa where should I start?

Rather than telling outdated flashback stories, allow me to break the silence with an update of what I was doing yesterday instead. As we Malaysians are aware of, 28th April 2012 is the Bersih 3.0 rally day. I don't want to explain what Bersih is but if you are above 18 and label yourself a Malaysian but never heard of this Bersih thingy, that is simply weird. Anyway, while thousands of people chose to be on the road showing their protest, my friends and I chose to be chilling at Sunway Pyramid for a day out. The initial plan was eating at Yellow Cab pizza in Dang Wangi area wearing yellow (seriously, no joke). We were totally forgotten about this Bersih 3.0 until hubby reminded me. It was funny though thinking about how we might get arrested for wearing Bersih's theme colour while we were innocent and happy on our way to eat pizza. Of course that did not happen although I still wore yellow. Not sure why I am so crazy about yellow lately but I also made my baby wearing yellow too. I like wearing matching outfit with him and this is our combo for yesterday:


We arrived Sunway Pyramid with Rabby who came with us at almost 3:00 pm. We had to substitute Yellow Cab to Papa John but on our way to the restaurant we stopped by at the Padini Concept Store because they were having a major 4-day sale starting yesterday. Everything in the PCS was discounted from 50% to 70%. Not sure whether the same sale occur at all other PCS but it is worth a visit if you are looking for shoes, working attire, casual outfits and accessories. 

Outing with BFF is always more to hanging out chatting while eating. Window shopping is only a 'sideline' and to prove that we only went to five stores through out entire 7 hours we spent together as most of the time were spent in Papa John and Starbucks. Rabby said we might have getting older because we easily got tired of walking. Sad but true. Back in univ days we could visit every floor in a shopping mall from one end to another without taking any break. Imagine how our outings going to be in the next 10 years? No need to go to shopping mall maybe? :-/

We took quite a number of pictures and even got warned for taking photos inside a store. Nor and I even brought our Instax. Oh, actually the outing is also celebrating...errr can I call it our "success", Nor? Not only she paid for our food, Nor was kind enough to give us a black Topshop kohl eyeliner each that came together with a special note and a slot for an Instax group photo. So shweeeeet. Thank you so much, dear!

All in all, it was a fun day for all of us. Food was great at Papa John but still have to adapt with their style (love the jalapenos though). Starbucks never fail to impress with their drinks. Good shopping bargains (bought a cardie & yellow wedges each priced less than RM100) and obviously, good company thanks to my lovely besties. We did not set any specific theme for the outing actually but everybody came in a maxi skirt / dress without telling. Talk about synchronised thinking eh.

Last but not least, I shall leave this post with a collection of photos. 

28.04.12 - This is our version of Bersih Day.

Love + Friendship

Bonding + Happiness



hazera said...

love this update!!! oh, haruskah aku update jugak!!

mestilah Harus!! ekeke

mayang said...

yatoque.. aku suka skirt yellow ko tuh.. hihihi..(takde kena mengena ngan bersih ok), lobe and kiss to ady!

DaZzlingLilLy said...

kita sama sebab skang tgh gilakan kuning..hehe..ur skirt is gojes..ady jadi peneman mama hanging out..hehe

phatgurl said...

hazera: love the entry & love the camwhoring pics too...ahaks. Harusla anda update blog anda juga ye ;-)

mayang: tenkiu bebeyh. actually itu maxi dress tapi sebab aku pakai cardie tu penuh on top nampak macam skirt je kan.

lily: i memang tengah demam kuning tahap kritikal sekarang nih...ehehehe. thanks for the compliment too ;-)

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