Thursday, June 7, 2012

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-Hijabi Fashion Week 2012-

The challenge is:


If you could go anywhere for fun, where would you go & what would you wear?

...and my answer for that would be Greece.
I love beaches and the mediterranean scenery. When I watched the Sisterhood of Travelling Pants there were scenes taken in Greece and I immediately felt in love with the country. The scenery was breathtaking as the ocean was sparkling blue and so does the sky. With that in mind, I came out with this look that reflects the blue ocean and sky of Greece. I always associate white with beaches, hence explains the white shirt and that Aztec themed bib necklace is worn to add colours and enhance the outfit. For your info the bib necklace is handmade by me last night. Love the fact that I can get a new accessory in less than an hour. DIY rocks!
Shawl - bazaar at Jaya One
Bib necklace - phattgurll accessories (DIY)
Shirt - American Eagle Outfitters
Skirt - brandless
Handbag - Charles & Keith
Boots - Charles & Keith

I wish I could visit Greece one day and these are lovely sceneries taken in Santorini, Greece found from Google Image:
*wish I was here - dreaming *


hazera said...

beb, this is like we're so in sync! I want to go there too, someday~! yes, the movie does plays a role in showing the beautiful scenery at Greece, and I just love the small alley and little houses along the hill..nice!!

phatgurl said...

The clay little houses along the hill complete the breathtaking scenery and the sparkling blue ocean is inviting. When can we accomplish that dream to visit Greece? Other countries I'm dying to visit are Spain and Portugal. I just love the Mediterranean countries (and the people too...ihiks!)

hazera said...

haha..tuhla..let's!!! 2020, ok? ehehe

phatgurl said...

8 years from now! perlu mula menabung dari hari ini jika mahu pergi...uhuhuhuhu.

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