Friday, June 8, 2012

:: hfw2012 - special occassions ::

-Hijabi Fashion Week 2012-

The challenge is:

Special Occassions

Eid, formal, etc. -- how do you stay modest when you need to get decked out?
Today is the last day to submit for this challenge. I had hard time on this one when compared to others because I do not have any special event this week to dress up for the challenge. Went to a wedding last Saturday and planned to post that look but sadly I did not snap any full figured photo of myself. I have to dig around and finally found this photo:
Scarf - a gift from my father
Top - buttonmybuttons
Necklace - Diva
Skirt - Parkson

The above picture was taken with Aishah during a special occassion we had among blogger friends. It was a tea party to celebrate Shazwani's belated birthday and engagement in Alamanda Putrajaya earlier this year. That maxi skirt is actually a sarong for a set of modern baju kurung I bought several years ago for Eid but I found it pretty to be worn as a skirt. I normally wear a notch extra than my everyday look for special occassions and most of the time, accessories or bling bling played major role to enhance the outfit. That day I wanted to dress in english style hence explains the pearls and roses fabric. Basically I will wear something suitable according to what the special occassion is for example traditional dress during Eid or long dress for company's annual dinner, as long as it is appropriate and modest.

Have a nice weekend everyone!

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