Saturday, July 21, 2012

:: first ramadhan ::

Alhamdulillah once again we are blessed by Him to meet the holy month, Ramadhan. We are lucky this year because the first fasting day falls on Saturday so many took the chance to have their tarawih, sahur and iftar with family back in home town. I am here in Subang though. Planned to go back Seremban next weekend instead and I look forward for it. Besides meeting my parents and sister, a must have thing to do is going to the Bazaar Ramadhan at the stadium area. Hopefully the booth that was selling nice putu piring is there, like last year. Despite being encouraged to do good deeds and all, the most talk about subject through out the Holy Month is no other than food. You can't run from discussing about what for sahur or iftar everyday. Like now, I want to share what we had for the first sahur this year because I cooked something I never cook before.

(telephone conversation - translated from Malay language to English)
Hubby: What are we going to eat for sahur?
Me: That's why...what do you want?
Hubby: Tomato rice?
Me: (pause) hahaha *nervous laugh*

Tomato rice is hubby's favourite but I never cook it through out my entire life. Hubby said it is ok if I don't want to do it but I took it as a challenge. Googled few recipes but ended up calling his mother for instructions. Eventually it is not as hard as I thought and MIL's version is the easiest when compared to recipes on Google. I started cooking at midnight together with side dishes and the end result of the set looks like this:

Hubby wanted the red sauce to be separated with the chicken so we had tomato rice, fried chicken, red chilli sauce and green curry potato. Too bad I'm having tongue pain right now thanks to over consumption of garlic peri peri sauce and kimchi. They were very spicy until they 'burnt' my tongue and causes my tongue lost its senses so everything I eat tastes blunt. I even had to ask hubby to taste everything I cooked. Hopefully this is temporary or I will become so thin due to lost of appetite.

Well that is just a brief story about our first Ramadhan this year.
The Holy Month is not about fasting and food but an opportunity for us Muslims to gain as many pahala as we could through Quran recital, prayers, doing charities, zakat and many more. We would not know whether we are allowed to go through the next one so let us treat this like the last one. May all of us have a bless Ramadhan and happy fasting to all Muslims out there. Peace and love, always.

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hazera said...

wow! so, btullah masak sendiri~ bravo!!

nnt open house boleh buatlah ek? ihiks

phatgurl said...

cik hazera, not too bad for a first timer tapi sambal masih tak berapa perfect. Open house? What open house? My house is always open...even without nasi tomato.

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