Monday, July 23, 2012

:: ready for radzuan's? ::

Craze over designers' affordable ready-to-wear collections will continue with this:

ThePoplook has announced its special collaboration with the respective designer a week ago. Although people are still crazy about Jovian's ready-to-wear, I believed this is going to be another fashion madness because Radziwill for thepoplook would not be available anywhere else except on thepoplook website.

If you are familiar with Radzuan Radziwill's collection, you could anticipate looking at his signature, intricate workmanship in his famous kaftans. If the sneak peek above is too vague, just look below and decide whether you would want to join and beat hundred or thousand others to own a piece tomorrow.

The one in red looks 'inviting' o_O

Price range would be from RM119 - RM179 and it is the cheapest among other designers so far. Now, will you be waiting in front of the monitor at 11 am, tomorrow?
I know I will.

*keywords: radzuan radziwill raya collection 2012, radzuan radziwill for the poplook


Ayna Jalal said...

do you bought any jovian or rizalman yati? upload please, wink2

DaZzlingLilLy said...

harga mmg affordable compared to JM and Rizalman's collection...tapi i tak minat sebab kaftan i jrg pakai..gud luck atie..

phatgurl said...

Ayna - actually I didn't buy any. Even the price is a fraction of their normal designer piece, I still consider it a tad expensive because I don't wear baju kurung that often. I'm just helping to spread the news haha.

phatgurl said...

Lilly - I saje je menunggu depan PC untuk cuci mata dan menyesakkan keadaan tapi tak beli pun... hehehe.

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