Sunday, July 29, 2012

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Do you love cheese? I like eating cheese and due to that I could never resist a hot plate of mac & cheese. I usually eat Secret Recipe's prawn macaroni with cheese but if I want to have it at home I just buy instant mac & cheese by either Kraft or San Remo because they are easy to cook. The limitation of eating mac & cheese from Secret Recipe is its price because a plate costs RM16++. It is okay for once in a while affair, but it is not okay if a plate is insufficient to fulfill a big appetite and what if you keep on craving for it every week? Can go bankrupt wo! Meanwhile, although instant versions are cheap in price the taste on the other hand is incomparable to the cooked version because it is not as rich and satisfying.

I have seen my bestie, Rabby who is always good at cooking posted pic of her mac & cheese on Twitter twice and they looked delicious. The other day she shared her mac & cheese recipe and I was surprised that it is so easy. I don't know why I always thought it is not easy to cook mac & cheese (and not even bother to google, duh). Well maybe I was used to cook the instant version so it is already stuck in my head that instant food is always the easiest.

I have planned to cook mac & cheese for Ady and of course I am not giving him the instant one so yesterday I followed what Rabby taught me and impressed with the end result because it looked yummy. Even Ady liked it a lot and ate until his tummy was round and packed.

look can be deceiving but not this one

Now I can eat as many mac & cheese as I want and the best of all is having it in my own preference with more creamy, cheesy and extra sauce. (Fattening or not I don't care). I have sought for Rabby's approval and I'm sharing the recipe here for future reference. I have changed the step a bit and this is how I cooked mine:

Easy Mac and Cheese Recipe

- butter
- fresh milk
- flour
- sliced cheddar cheese
- mushrooms (optional but I used champignions)
- salt & pepper
- macaroni

1. Boil water. Pour macaroni when the water is already boiling and leave until cook.
2. In a sauce pan, heat butter (2-3 tbsp) until it melts.
3. Pour in fresh milk depends on how much sauce you want.
4. Stir the milk and butter until half boiling.
5. Mix some flour with water. Pour slowly into the pan and keep on stirring until the sauce is quite thick.
6. Put in the mushrooms, salt and pepper to taste.
7. Tear cheddar cheese (3-5 pcs) into small pieces, put into the sauce and stir.
8. Pour cooked macaroni into the sauce and mix them all together.
9. Ready to serve.

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