Thursday, July 26, 2012

:: daging goreng kunyit berlada ::

It is already 6th of Ramadhan. Alhamdulillah, it is almost a week now and we should thank God for His endless blessing. So how is your Ramadhan so far? Do you cook for iftar or are you enjoying glorious choice of food from the Ramadhan market? After so many months break from 'visiting' the kitchen I have managed to make a come back and brush up my amateur cooking skill although I still don't cook every day. Now it is less than 5 hours to iftar. Many of us may have started thinking and planning what to eat or cook for this evening and I am happy to share that I will be cooking nasi lemak because my bestie, Fila will break fast together with us tonight (yeay!).

Actually I wanted to share about this dish we had 3 days ago during sahur and it is daging goreng kunyit berlada (chilli fried beef). It was my first time cooking it and just a simple one, but for me this kind of dish could entice my appetite more than having curries during this fasting month. I was happy because Mr. Husband requested to have it again for iftar on the next day so it must be good eh? {Ahak ahak.} Anyway, during the sahur I paired the spicy beef with pajeri nanas but on the second time, hubby wanted to eat it only with sunny side up egg, sambal belacan and soy sauce. Very simple but he managed eating 3 plates of rice with the dish and I feel so sorry that his tongue is now sore due to the spiciness.

So now, how to cook daging goreng kunyit berlada?

What we need:

a. Meat - cut into thin, small pieces 
b. Large onion - sliced thinly  
c. Chillies (cili api) up to your own preference
d. Turmeric powder (serbuk kunyit)
e. Salt
f. Cooking oil

What we have to do:

1. Pour some turmeric powder and salt on pieces of meat. Mix them all well together.
2. Heat the cooking oil.
3. While waiting for oil to heat up, crush the chillies well with a bit of salt then lightly crush the onion.
3. Fry the meat until they turned brown then put them aside.
4. Fry the crushed chillies and onion until the onions are golden.
5. Pour the fried meat into the pan again and mix it well with the chillies and onion.
6. Done and ready to be served.

As my boss said to me earlier, oily cooking is not good but it is ok to consume it once in a while. Happy break fasting peeps! :-D

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