Wednesday, September 19, 2012

tutorial: rainbow bling2 bib necklace

Since becoming a mother, leisure time is very precious and I always argue with myself on how I should spend it (yes, I'm almost similar to the Grinch who schedule time with himself) but in the end I will sit on the couch or inside my playroom producing something with the help of scissors and UHU glue. I just love making accessories because it gives me satisfaction and honestly, wearing something you made by your own; no matter how weird it is feels different and greater than wearing something you purchased.

The other day we went to this store named Mr. DIY in Summit USJ. I tell you, that shop is awesome because it sells everything from hardware, kitchen stuff, stationeries, gifts, plasticware and you name it all at cheaper price. While looking around, I found a section for handphone accessories and a light bulb shining on my head because that is how I got the idea for the project that I am sharing with you guys today.

- colourful {and cheap} bib necklace tutorial -


What I used:
- Black felt cloth
- Colourful crystal stickers (bought from Mr. DIY at RM3.30 per pack) 
- Black ribbon
- UHU glue
- Scissors

1. Fold the felt cloth into two.
2. Cut to make a crescent shape as in photo.
3. Stick the crystals and glue ribbons at both top joins.

- Ease your mind and arrange the crystals freely.
- Arrange the crystals first and snap a photo for reference before you stick them permanently.
- Instead of using glue, sew the ribbons to keep it long lasting.

Can you believe how easy it is? Can be done in less than an hour and not only that, the entire thing costs less than RM7.50! To be honest, this has become my favourite bib necklace for now *happy face*.

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DaZzlingLilLy said...

seriously lawa atie...price wise too..

phatgurl said...

Thank you so much Lilly. Makin semangat I nak buat lagi tapi idea kekadang x menentu. Yang merepek kerepek pun ada...hehehe

Madeleine said...

Looks super-cool! I am actually making something similar for myself soon. I love bib necklaces!

phatgurl said...

Thank you for dropping by Madeleine. Bib necklace never let us down, rite?! ;-)

Anonymous said...

this is extreeeemely nice and cheap!!! totally loving it! u make me feel like making one too.. and i think i will! where to get the felt material here in KL, may i know?

phatgurl said...

Hi, good to hear that. U can get the felt from craft / sewing shops. Have u heard about Bunga Reben shop in Jln TAR? But the cheapest would be from Daiso. Only RM5 for a big piece. Show me your masterpiece later k ;-)

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