Saturday, September 22, 2012

:: live from h&m kuala lumpur ::

It was a cold Saturday morning. While many KLites (and my hubby) still enjoying their sleep at home I'm somewhere else with my bff aka. partner-in-crime, Nor and we are here in the heart of KL...

...queueing for the grand opening of first H&M in Malaysia
(the thing you have to do when you're not a socialite, members of media, famous fashion bloggers, etc...pffttt!)

We arrived few minutes after 9:00am but the line was already loooooong. Rumours said the first in line was here since 7:00am yesterday (what?!) so we obviously couldn't compete that. Anyway H&M already anticipated this craze and I really respect their professionalism in handling the crowd. Each of us here received H&M umbrella and H&M mineral water; and those who arrived early (including us) were given packed breakfast. Cool eh?

The store will open at 11:00am and it's an hour away from now. You might think we're crazy but guess what we've been crazier than this before. Years ago I once queued for Anya Hindmarch I'm Not a Plastic Bag in KLCC since 6 something in the morning. That was the most insane moment in my life cuz after 6 hours I returned home only with free AH notepads...gahhh! But it's ok it won't happen here cuz I will surely leave the store with something. In fact I have prepared shopping lists and let's see whether these items will be available in my shopping bags later :-D

There's something for everybody in the family

Ok peeps I guess that's it for now. Will blog again later on our accomplishment. Last but not least, thanks to hubby (and babyAdy) for your support and thanks to Nor for the wonderful packed breakfast. Till we meet again...toodles!

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DaZzlingLilLy said...

what???111 people start Q-ing from yestesday..giler..tak sabar nak tengok hasil tangkapan u..nnt upload eh..hehe

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