Thursday, October 18, 2012

:: sushi king rm2 each ::

Hi, I just came back from having a sushi fiesta at Sushi King. Did you know that Sushi King is having the Sushi King Card Bonanza and if you are a member, you can bring up to 5 people to enjoy a plate of sushi (any colour) at only RM2 each. Too bad I just knew about this but if you are staying around Selangor and KL you still have time until tonight.

Anyway, today is Nor's birthday so we went out to Mid Valley for lunch with our bride-to-be-friend Ita who is the Sushi King Card member (this is what we call friends with We had to queue for 20 - 30 minutes and the moment we sat down at our table, we just grabbed what ever expensive sushis that were moving on the kaiten belt. We ended up eating (only) 16 plates at only RM32, half of the total original price of RM69. Sushi King Card Bonanza is among the best food deal ever existed (not forgetting Kenny Rogers buy-1-free-1 day). Thank you for the treat Ita and hopefully we could tag along with you again in the next offer *wink wink*.

p/s: Happy Birthday to my dear bestie aka. partner-in-crime. Wishing you an everlasting happiness and good health...and thank you for being such a great friend.

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hazera said...

Thanks beb!!! It was a great day~! ;)

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