Tuesday, October 23, 2012

:: peplum day ::

We had a celebration in the office on Tuesday last week. It was the year end gathering for all of us at Human Capital SSO and it was food galore because there were huge selection of dishes. The most anticipated one was the roasted lamb and there were also 'nasi hujan panas' complete with side dishes, the most delectable yee mee, mushroom soup, roasted chicken, roti jala, fruit salad, cheese cake, yummiest chocolate cake, carrot cake, prune cake, popia basah, sardine roll and ohhh so many more. What I like about this type of gathering (besides eating, of course) is the opportunity to mingle around with others within the Unit and here are some pics of myself with my colleagues...

There were only few photos available because some others were a bit blur and here is a full shot of my outfit that day:

That is my first peplum blouse and I was wearing it for the first time. I know peplum has been a craze since early of the year but I was not interested to try it out because I was afraid it will make me look f-a-t. That printed peplum blouse however is exceptional because I was too in love with the print! It was H&M's but it was sold out when I visited the store on its official opening day so when I saw the similar printed peplum from this FB shop named Femme Elegante, I just had to get it.

Anyway, the major concern in wearing peplum is the waist line. A higher or a lower waist line makes a person look unappealing in peplum so in my opinion, a belt or a sash plays a very important part to enhance the figure. That day I rely on that skinny belt a lot because honestly, I did not feel very comfortable without wearing one and in order to keep the belt from straying from the blouse's waistline I even sew two belt holders at each side of the waist like this:  
E for effort, eh?

At the end of the day I was feeling happy because I had a full tummy and got to wear my favourite print blouse...

... and last but not least, here is a sneak peek of my second peplum to be worn this Aidiladha.

*wink wink*
Peplum rulez yaw!


hazera said...

Wah dh siap!! Bestnya!!!

efaifi said...

haritu aku nampak kat setia alam mall ada, hampir nak beli sbb canteks!! nasib baik tak beli nanti boria pulak

phatgurl said...

@hazera: yes! suka sangat beading tu...ahak ahak

@fila: kat setia mall ada ek? aku ni siap kena tunggu 2 minggu baru baju sampai. cisss.

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