Sunday, October 28, 2012

:: when u might be addicted to adam & hawa ::

I may not watch malay tv series but thanks to Facebook I am usually updated with what many people (especially my ladies friends) are up to. The latest and current craze among tv series lovers is no other than this series named Adam & Hawa, which is an adaptation from a novel. So when you might be addicted to watching Adam & Hawa, let me tell you that I am also addicted to something and that is.....

.....painting crystal bangles with nail polish.

I went to the Max Value shop the other day and found those green crystal bangles at only RM1.00 each. I have learnt from other DIY bloggers on how useful nail polish is so I decided to turn those green blings into candy / pop coloured bracelets that are more suitable for my needs by painting them with nail polish from Elianto. The painting job is addictive and so far I have been making four candy / pop coloured bracelets. 

This kind of look is trending right now and I have seen some pretty ones from H&M and Diva. If I have the opportunity and since I already got nail polish in yellow and pink, I intend to turn the bracelets into necklaces similar to these colourful candies from H&M:


Colourful beads and blings really stand out, aren't they?

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