Wednesday, October 24, 2012

:: diy - colourful thread bangles ::

Lately I have spent most of the nights bloghopping from one fashion DIY blog to another. For someone who has passion in DIY stuff, flipping through the blog pages left me in awe because there were lots of brilliant projects out there. I got really inspired and sometimes amazed with their creativity, like "where on earth did she get that fantastic idea from?". Despite being inspired and all, time constraint limits me to try the projects although I have planned to execute some. So far I have only managed to do this particular one because the resources were all available and it did not consume much time. This is a perfect project for those who are thinking of giving your good old bangles a facelift. Rather than leaving them in the dark, change their look according to your current taste and do not be surprised if they somehow become your favourites before you know it (like what had happened to me). To cut the story short, here it goes - the tutorial for Colourful Thread Bangles inspired from Rags to Couture.

Items Required:
- colourful cross stitch threads
- bangles
- glue

1. Choose combination of thread colours according to own preference. Glue at a spot inside the bangle and start rolling the thread tightly around it.

2. End the first coloured thread by sticking it on a spot of glue inside the bangle and snip off the balance with scissors. Repeat the same process with the second coloured thread and so on.

3. Roll the thread tightly around the bangle until complete and you're done!

4. The end result, before and after.

My new bangles look better now than earlier. Actually I did not have any old bangles so I bought the metal bangles from a RM2 shop and it came in a stack of six. Two are thicker ones and both were fully wrapped with thread while the thinner ones were half wrapped for a different look. On another note, that cross stitch threads are sentimental value to me because they were given by my beloved late grandmother. She has passed away for seven years and I have kept that threads longer and vowed to use it for something really good. I have no regret in using them for this project and that bangles would definitely be a keeper, forever.

*keywords: diy accessories, diy fashion


Madeleine said...

They look awesome! :D

phatgurl said...

Thank you Madeleine~! :-)

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