Thursday, November 29, 2012

:: i'm back! ::

It has been two weeks of silence and I'm back. Anybody missed me?

Anyway two weeks already gone and I'm glad everything went well although there were few challenges occured. Oh, by the way I was mentioning about us moving into another house. The new house is not very far from the previous one actually, just few blocks away but the moving out - moving in process was so tiring. I never like moving. When I was single I used to move few times but that time the items I owned was merely contained in one bedroom but now, it was the entire house!

I have few stories to update, especially about my little boy but I need some time to edit the photos and all so this entry is just to say "hello" to my readers and thank my new followers - thank you for following, really appreciate it :-). I'm eager to share about some areas in our house too but I haven't complete unpacking but here is a sneak peek of one of my favourite so far:

Will be back again so see you later!



DaZzlingLilLy said...

very well organized...accessories i berterabur je..hehe

phatgurl said...

@lilly: Lemari baru...tu yang semangat tu...hehehe.

hazera said...

so beb, we have 2 exactly same necklace kan? haha

phatgurl said...

@hazera: ermmm one is from MNG, another one? Lupa maa. But I know we have few same bangles. Hehe.

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