Sunday, December 2, 2012

:: durian crepe fever ::

Durian crepe aka. durian pancake is currently famous on the cyber world, especially on social media space. I am not sure why but I was quite surprised with the sudden craze because I have been introduced to it since a year ago. My BFF Nor used to buy it during our lunch visits to Mid Valley and she said it tasted good. I am a person who loves eating durian but only the original flesh. Tempoyak is ok but I don't like durian ice cream, dodol durian or even bubur durian so when Nor introduced me to the durian pancake I immediately rejected (sorry for the rejection, babe :-P)

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One day few months ago I went to Mid Valley alone during lunch and intended to buy something for my colleagues. Since one of them does not favour donuts or cookies I somehow remembered about the durian pancake and bought a pack of six (6) at RM10. After taking a bite I realised I have been missing something awesome because that yellow little thing tasted really good. It was like eating a rich, seedless durian flesh. I know many have tried making their own homemade durian crepe but for those who are curious to taste without making it you can just buy from this booth located between Mid Valley and the Gardens. Remember to close your mouth while burping because the durian smell is very strong :-D

Sumptuous Desserts is at the Lower Ground floor in between Big Apple and CIMB Bank / Chatime. I could not remember what is the exact shop opposite the booth but I believed it is still easy to find. When I was on my way to Chatime from Mid Valley just now I could see the empty display booth from afar. There were few ladies standing around there and from their body language they were waiting for the durian pancakes. Honestly, all these while that display rack was never ever empty. I have been to Mid Valley many, many times and it was empty for the first time thanks to the current craze. Anyhow, durian season is here so if the durian pancake is sold out just head over to supermarket to buy the packed flesh or stop by at roadside for king of fruit galore.

Writing about durian reminds me of roti canai durian at Armada Hotel Petaling Jaya. That one is also scrumptious and I recommend you to taste it. It used to be available during lunch time and can also be ordered during tea time. As for now I better stop writing because one durian is waiting for me outside and I am going to have it for supper. Goodbye!
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