Monday, December 10, 2012

:: goodbye scars! ::

Five months ago my skin was infected with shingle. It started with a pimple like bump and burning sensation on the eyelid but later spread to the forehead and above. It was painful but the most worrying part was when Dr. told me how dangerous shingle is and how it could affect my eye sight. Alhamdulillah, after a week and a half the entire thing dried thanks to expensive drugs that was prescribed by that Dr. from SDMC. He told me one box of pills cost somewhere around RM500 so I have to say thank you to TM for covering the medical bill :-D.

Anyway, after the infection went away another problem arised because I was left with dark scars on the forehead. It was hard to ignore them because they were (obviously) there the entire time, on my face and could not be covered. I even received remarks from colleagues who thought they were scars from hot cooking oil because yes, it did look something like that.

Please pardon my "toya" looking face

Here is another pic to show you how bad the scars were. You can still see them even with make up...arghhh!

So to cut the story short, I came across Cosmoderm and their beauty advisor who is also my childhood friend recommended me their Vitamin E Oil 15,000 iu which is suitable for face area (the other version; 30,000 iu is suitable for other parts of the body.) After constant application I could see the scars slowly disappeared and after almost 3 months the entire scars were gone!

p/s: pic was taken with no filter or digital alteration

It is amazing and I am so happy because there is nothing to hide anymore. After looking at the result, I honestly recommend Cosmoderm Vitamin E Oil to those who are looking for product to remove scars. Please bear in mind that recovery time frame may vary from a person to another, but there is no harm in trying. Now, I have nothing else to say except for "goodbye scars and thank you Cosmoderm!"

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Anonymous said...

will try this soon innshaAllah, thank u for yr review, it does help me

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