Monday, December 3, 2012

:: november photo a day ::

I could not believe December is already here. Due to pack schedule my November went away in rapid but this particular activity I came across from my friend (Balqis) instagram will be able to remind what I have done through out month of November. It is a photography challenge activity called 'November Photo A Day' where we have to post a picture a day according to theme given as below:

I love taking photos so this sort of challenge made me excited because it gave me something to look forward to. I am not a good photographer but on Instagram I always try to snap a pic from a different angle rather than just point and shoot because to me, Instagram is a place where I could show some artistic value that has been rusting inside me.

Let's get straight to the point and here are thumbnails of all pics I have taken through out month of November.

Out of all, the one I least favour is for Day 18 - happened this weekend. It was the weekend where we started moving out things from our old house to the new home and we were very busy so I only managed capturing those items at the back of the Innova. No artistic value at all... gahhh.

This is not a contest and nobody forced me to do it but it was really fun. I am not going to stop yet and shall continue with 'December Photo A Day' as a countdown to the new year. Let's join me folks and if you may, follow me on Instagram - @yatoque.

Have a fun-filled December!

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