Friday, December 14, 2012

:: pastel friday ::

Yeehaaa...Friday is finally here!

Nothing much to share except this pic of what I am wearing today...

Cardigan - no brand
Basic tee - Dorothy Perkins
Skinny jeans - Dorothy Perkins
Necklace - MNG but that pink pompom is from a Diva necklace
Flats - Bonita which has been revamped with DIY pompom

I know I look like a lolipop or paddle pop rainbow ice cream but I like it. I have been wearing black or dark shades everyday since last week so I decided to wear something colourful for fun and pastel is just purrr-fect. Earlier this morning I already took out the gladiator heels to match this outfit but I ended up wearing flats because I have not wear flats to office for quite some time already and oh my, my feet feel so light! ...and I feel so short! Hahaha.

Currently I am crazy over coloured skinny jeans and so far, I have this mint green, red and cobalt blue. It is fun playing and experimenting with colours but sometimes it is quite challenging to find the right combination so whenever I am in doubt, I just Google "how to wear ...". Yeah, that's a tip for all of us who are always in doubt but it's ok, mister Google will try his best to give the solution. For mint jeans, most popular combination would be with white but I always wear mine with other pastel colours like coral or pink and yellow as above.

So, what's next?

Nothing else.... just enjoy your weekend, peeps! :-)

*keywords: how to wear mint skinny, what to wear with mint green skinny, how to wear mint

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