Wednesday, December 19, 2012

:: all set for world domination ::

So, do you know who this person is?

In case you never seen him anywhere before, allow me to introduce this evil shizzle Dr. Evil from the famous trilogy, Austin Powers. 

I should not start writing about Austin Powers because that movie is one of my all-time favourite other than the American Pie (ok, please don't judge me :-P). Anyway, I could write a lot of stuff that could only be understood by those who have seen Austin Powers as frequent as myself and I'm telling you the frequency level is quite high because back in univ days, there was this period of time where I watched the movie every single day after returning back from class which my roomates who are my current bffs could easily verify this fact. Although the hero is Mr. Austin Powers, my interest was not him as I preferred the bad guy instead, no other than the egghead Dr. Evil because I found him funny and sweet in an evil way.

Dr. Evil cloned himself in a mini version which he called Mini-me but he also got another son, Scott Evil aka. Scotty-Doo. I believed every criminal has a soft spot and for Dr. Evil, he always try his best to be a good father especially trying to get along with Scott who is a teenager. I used to memorise a lot of quotes by Dr. Evil and among my favourite and memorable one is from this scene:

Scott: Why did you run out on me?
Dr. Evil: Because you're not quite evil enough. Well it's true! It's true! You're semi-evil. You're quasi-evil. You're the margarine of evil. You're the Diet Coke of evil. Just one calorie, not evil enough.

Anyway, there was a commotion after that and later Dr. Evil grabbed a big globe and said directly to the camera "The world is mine! The world is mine!"

Yes, Dr. Evil is obsessed with world domination from the beginning till the end and as one of his die hard fan, this is a must-have for me when I first saw it on display:

It's a plain notebook by San Francisco Coffee and now, I am feeling like Dr. Evil himself. All set for world domination!

I think San Francisco Coffee recently hired new advertising agency and as Creative Multimedia students, Nor and myself could not stop from noticing it because the idea of using catchy statements in their campaigns (and also on napkins) is just awesome. Apart from the one I got, there are two other versions; in black and in white cover with different statements. The notebooks are sold in conjunction with the holiday season for RM17.90 each and they are like 'hot banana fritters' (laris macam goreng pisang panasss) so if you're interested, hurry and check it out at the nearest San Francisco outlet.

p/s: the Mayans predicted world to end this Friday, 21.12.12 and people keep on discussing about it. It's only two days away so what say you?
As a muslim, I would say we all have to be ready for death anytime, anywhere because death is unpredictable. Wallahualam.


Ayna Jalal said...

i really2 love the love-hate relationship between dr evil and his son, always make me laugh non stop, haahha =D

phatgurl said...

Ayna: also watched Austin Powers??? Not many ladies watch such movie so I'm not alone anymore. *pinkie finger on the lips* Lol.

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