Tuesday, January 15, 2013

:: bread butter pudding ::

Baking is not my forte. Honestly I only bake once in ... years but ever since I have a child, I wish I could be like typical American moms I saw on TV who bake fresh homemade cookies for their kids. Although that moment has not yet arrive, I am still happy because the little oven we got as wedding prezzie has started being busy and it began two days before new year when we invited our parents and siblings for a housewarming. Despite the local menu (tomato rice, ayam masak merah, beef kurma, acar nanas & timun, papadum) I insisted to bake something for dessert. Knowing my capability, I chose something very simple and that is Bread Butter Pudding.

I asked Nor for the recipe. She used to make it with chocolate chips but I only did a plain one with almond strips instead because I wanted to serve it with custard sauce, just how I like it. Glad they (I baked 2 trays because of the small oven) turned ok, I then repeated baking another one last Saturday but have to admit it didn't turn as good as the previous ones though *sad face*.

Bread Butter Pudding

- a loaf of bread (stale bread is better)
- 2 eggs
- butter
- milk (full cream is better actually)
- vanilla essence
- castor sugar

- heat oven at 180 degrees
- pour 500ml milk into a bowl, add and stir sugar according to taste
- drop a teaspoon of vanilla essence and stir
- whip eggs in another bowl and mix together with the milk
- grease baking dish with butter
- tear bread into pieces, dip into the milk mixture and arrange inside the baking dish
- make 2 to 3 layers of bread and put small chunks of butter in between the bread randomly
- sprinkle some almond strips on top and bake at 180 degrees for 35 minutes

Custard Sauce

- custard flour (bird's custard is always the best choice)
- milk
- sugar

- heat 500ml milk with sugar according to taste on small fire
- mix 2 tablespoons of custard flour with cold water in a bowl
- pour the flour into the boiling milk and stir continuously
- tips: add more milk if the sauce gets thick

*Serve the bread pudding with hot custard sauce on top.

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efaifi said...

bird's custard for the win, pernah try another brand mmg tak sama rasa

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