Friday, January 11, 2013

:: work outfit for 2013 ::

Ever since my pink room is in decent condition, I have been snapping vain photos of myself on Instagram, showing what I am wearing to work everyday. I thought I could inspire people but it lasted for 3 days though because *snap* I came back to reality after thinking about what people would say about me after bombarding their Facebook newsfeed with the same pose everyday. Anyway I am just an ordinary person, not a trendsetter or a fashionista for people to care and interested to know what I am wearing...urgh excuse me, why should I sound so emo anyway? Haha.

Ok ok although I realised about all that facts that have been written, I still continue taking photos in front of the mirror and decided to share them here in my blog instead. I am complicated sometimes and I often lost idea on what to wear to the office. I need some past references. Believe it or not, few years ago when I was still single I got so much free time to come out with a system for my office attire because I wanted to avoid wearing the same shirt twice in a month (or two). I numbered each shirt's hanger and printed out the numbers on paper for every month. Everyday I would cross shirt number that I was wearing so it was easy to monitor and choose which tops I haven't wear. Yeah, call me a weirdo.

Anyway, I have stopped using that system now so please bear with these vain photos of mine. Happy Friday! :-D

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Diana Aziz said...

Stylish sgt! :)

phatgurl said...

Thank you Diana! Really appreciate it :-)

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