Wednesday, February 27, 2013

:: i'm still alive ::

H-E-L-L-O blogging world, nice to see you again. Yes, I'm still alive but pardon me I was too occupied with the real world. Early of the year is always the busiest ever because my job requires me to prepare a lot of documentation for the benefit of the company and employees. Alhamdulillah everything is good on track and (finally) I can now give some attention to this pink blog of mine *wipe dusts*.

A lot of interesting events happened through out my hiatus from the blogging world. Hopefully I can manage to share them later because blogging is supposed to be a way of documenting what had happened for future read and reference; and too bad I did not documenting it well. In order to give new spirit to this blog, I have managed to create new blog banner as you can see above. I still continue with the scrapbook style theme because I am crazy over it and I still use the same banner photo in honour of our first cat, KiKi who is still being missed :-(

the previous banner, in memory

I have intended to write a short post just to say hello so this is it. More new entries will come later so stay tune!

p/s: let me know if you are interested to have a scrapbook style blog banner too. I am happy to assist :-)

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