Wednesday, January 30, 2013

:: mac n cheese n champignons n crispy beef ::

Hello world. I'm not sure why but I couldn't load any photo from my pc to Blogger since two weeks ago which eventually explains my disappearance from updating this blog. I have few stories to share but typing on a touch screen does not give me much pleasure but I still have to do it now to break the silence. Anyway, as stated in the title.....

That is something I cooked for dinner last Friday. Macaroni and cheese with champignons and crispy beef strips. I should have shot the one with fresh grinded pepper because it would look more lively but that portion in the picture was supposed to be shared with Ady. He used to like eating mac and cheese but he spitted it out that night maybe because he was having fever. In the end I finished eating the entire bowl and continued eating another one of that creamy, fatty macaroni. Very sinful.

I have shared on how to cook mac and cheese in this blog earlier but the crispy beef is something new. Previously I have asked a chef at Dorsett Subang about their crispy beef pieces they served with baked potato and sour cream. He told me they were baked in the oven but I never try it because oh well, it involves baking. The other day I saw an ex-schoolmate posted a photo of her carbonara with crispy turkey strips on top so I asked how did she do it and good news, they were only fried in hot olive oil. I was craving for the crispy beef ever since that day and finally made it. They were m.f.e.o with the mac and cheese and I couldn't wait to have them again, next time with baked potato instead. Yummmmzz.

*m.f.e.o = made for each other (reminds me of the babyface singer Kavana. Have you heard of him?)
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