Sunday, March 3, 2013

:: how to extend a necklace ::

You went inside an accessories store and saw this pretty necklace. You grabbed it, went to the mirror and hold it on the chest. Yeah, it looked gorgeous but (oh NO!) the necklace was too short so you had to put it back on the rack. Well this usually happens especially to those who are wearing hijab over the chest because short necklace could not be seen except if it is worn outside the hijab.

Last time I went through a similar situation, early in the morning while preparing to work. I have planned to wear this faux pearl necklace I got since I was 10 years old only to find it was shorter than I expected. I am not sure how my mind works during a crisis but somehow, the 'light bulb' just popped and problem solved. That was the day when I found how to extend a necklace and this is how I did it...

Using a chain necklace, one clasp was attached to another end and that is all ;-)

Nowadays I have a dedicated chain to be used as necklace extender and with a small safety pin I applied the same step as above. Chain can be bought by length from hardware shops (even in Ace Hardware) and instead of using safety pin it is much better if it can be connected to a proper necklace clasp that can be bought from hobby or craft shop.

From Google I found people using paperclips to extend their necklace. There is also necklace or bracelet extenders on sale but basically the concept is similar to what I have so this can be considered as a DIY necklace extender then ;-)
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Maria said...

New follower from the blog hop. This is a great idea. I have a couple necklaces that I don't wear because they need to be longer. Thanks!

Maria @

phatgurl said...

Thank you for dropping by and following me, Maria.


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