Monday, March 4, 2013

:: picnic at setia city park ::

We did not travel anywhere far during the Chinese New Year long weekend and we purposely did that because we know how bad traffic is during long holidays. In order to occupy time my best friends (except Nor who travelled to Jakarta) suggested us to go out for a picnic at the park. It was such an awesome idea because it is something different. In oversea we used to watch people relaxing and spending time at the park but people hardly do that in Malaysia, I think it is mainly because of the hot weather. We decided to go picnic at Setia City Park which is just besides the Setia City Mall in Setia Alam area. It is a recently developed housing area quite far from the city. Everything is new so the park is still nicely maintained with green grass and playground area. We were lucky because it was sunny and breezy at the same time; a perfect weather for an evening at the park.

Picnic is incomplete without food so Rabby made potato salad, Fila brought sandwich and fruits while I brought fried mee hoon and fried sausages. My family who came to visit us also joined our picnic session for awhile. Ady really enjoyed himself that day because he got the entire park to himself and besides running around he was interested watching guys playing skateboards. We only spent around 2 hours at the park but it was meaningful and many times better than spending a day at the shopping mall like we usually do. I am glad that the long public holiday was nicely spent with family and friends.

So, when are we going to repeat this again, girls?
...and specifically to Nor, jom picnic jom! Hehehe.

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